Colourpop pressed eyeshadows – Swatches and comparisons with Makeup Geek

Originally posted on 28 Feb 2017

Single pan pressed eyeshadows are my weakness, I collect them, I love them. Now that I’ve said that, you won’t be surprised that I’m coming to you with a review and swatches of the new Colourpop pressed shadows. Colourpop launched over 30 new pressed eyeshadows in January promoting it as their biggest launch yet. I picked up quite a few in the meantime and have been using them non stop, so here I thought it was about time to talk to you about them. 

The first launch consisted of around 30 pressed shadows and the pre-made palettes. I have filmed both a first impression get ready with me (here), as well as a more in depth review and swatch video (here) on the 12 shadows that I picked up from that round.

Of course, in typical Colourpop style, there have been two other launches since, one of the Valentine’s Day Collection (10 shades, swatches and review here), and another on Valentine’s Day itself, consisting of another 10 shades in beautiful tones of green, which you will also see soon. I bet we can expect to be bombarded with new shades in the coming weeks as well, Colourpop never sleeps.

Let’s get into the shades.

Let’s start with the light highlighting shades. Colourpop Take It Slow is a metallic light champagne and definitely the  warmest of the bunch. Colourpop Banquet Toss released with the 2017 Valentines collection  and is a pinky peach, with a beautiful sheen. It is the most “colored” of this row, peachier even of Makeup Geek In The Spotlight, and less pink than Makeup Geek Nostalgic.

I went a bit crazy for light and midtone peachy pink shades, I know ,but I don’t own many of these, as you can see, since there is only one Makeup Geek shade for comparison. To be completely honest, I needed a baby pink in my collection (Colourpop Say I Do), and it came in a duo with Flowerboy, the perfect medium pinky coral. On the more peachy side Wait for it is a good dupe for Makeup Geek Poppy, and Making Moves is just the right tone darker.

The next group is the yellow-orange light mattes. Do you think I have a type? Colourpop Running Late is the lightest of them, and a good base shade for medium skin tones or a first transition for light ones. Then we move on to Paper Tiger, a more mustardy version of Makeup Geek Chickadee, and finally I Owe You, which is definitely more orange and less yellow than any of the others. I must say that aside from I Owe You, you can get away with picking only one of the four yellow shadows, it will do the trick.

Moving on to the browns. If you know me, you’d expect they’re all warm browns, and they indeed are! Colourpop Criss Cross is one of my favorite Colourpop pressed shadows, and a warm medium brown that is just in between Makeup Geek Morocco and Sidekick, definitely warmer than Cocoa Bear. Popular Demand is a touch more red than any of the other shadows in this lineup.

Now for the berries an purples. These shades are notoriously hard to formulate, due to the pigments used. Colourpop Get Out is a very pretty and underrated cranberry, but the big heroes of this pack are Stay Golden and Going Steady. Both have amazing pigmentation and a very smooth formula, they are two of my favorites in my entire collection. The problematic child in this family is 143: a gorgeous bright lilac that is unfortunately quite dry and patchy. I have nothing similar to these shades, so I added a symbolic Makeup Geek Curfew (which is very patchy as well).

Another round of mattes, now for the darker shades. I was very surprised when I was looking for shades to compare to Colourpop Get Out and was pleasantly surprises to find that it is almost an exact dupe for my beloved Makeup Geek Cherry Cola, it is more pigmented with a finger swatch as well.

Now a look at the two foiled metallic shades that have stolen my heart. Colourpop Milli is a beautiful metallic copper that was released to celebrate reaching 1 milion followers on Facebook. It is less orange than Makeup Geek Flamethrower and slightly less foiled as well. Pinky Promise is a gorgeous metallic wine color and looks like the result of Nabla Grenadine and Juno Moon having a baby.

Next round of shimmers are the newer Spring releases. I picked up two duochrome eyeshadows and one regular one. Game Changer is a light silvery sage color that I really don’t have in my collection, it reminds me of Makeup Geek Charmed. Play by Play is the first duochrome, and it is a peach with a green-golden shift. It is warmer than Makeup Geek Karma and lighter than the Colourpop Super Shock Shadow Moonwalk (more here). The other douchrome shadow is Sideline, an eggplant with a green shift. It is more green than Makeup Geek Ritzy and has a different base shade as well. I made a look with these duochromes in my Instagram here.

And lastly here are the comparisons of all my matte medium-dark greens. The new Coloupop pressed shadow is Team Captain, a deceiving shade from the pan. It swatches quite dark and not as yellow as Makeup Geek Dirty Martini or as brown as Nabla Radikal. Compared to the two greens from the Colourpop Love A Flare set, Head Rush is slightly lighter and a bit more yellow, and High Rise is definitely darker. The closest swatch to Team Captain is actually Makeup Geek Enchanted Forest, my arch enemy.

And those were all the Colourpop Pressed Shadows from the first two releases. These shadows retail for $5 each only on Colourpop’s website and contain 1 gram of product. This makes them effectively more expensive than Makeup Geek (1.8 g, $6) and MAC (1.5 g, $6) eyeshadows. However, the quality is really great and I only found 1 dud among these (143) so I can definitely say they are worth the price.

Which ones of these Colourpop eyeshadows have caught your eye? Have you tried them yet?




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