Tammy Tanuka swatches

Tammy Tanuka (Sigil Inspired) is a russian indie brand that sells mostly loose pigments, but recently started selling pressed eyeshadows too. In this post you will find Tammy Tanuka swatches of my whole collection up to December 2020. These are all loose pigments that I pressed. If you are curious how, check my video here.

Tammy Tanuka eyeshadow swatches

In my video you can find a commentary on all the shades individually, but let’s get to the swatches. These are made with my dry finger on primed skin. Since these are originally loose pigments, they need some help to adhere to the skin. They do specify it also on their website.

Tammy Tanuka swatches Neutrals: The temptress, Enchanted by his treasures, Mother to the cubs, Bedding of the bride, Invulnerable air woman, She who awoke the ancient dragon, Mother nature

Tammy Tanuka swatches: Redheaded mentor, Dragonrider in the sun, Dragonrider of the hunt, Keeper of a heartbeat, The naughty novice, She who keeps the secret of the green flame, The show off, The power of the earth

Tammy Tanuka swatches flakey pigments: A supremely salient person, The life giver, She who moves dunes, Heiress to the throne, A promise of victory, Mistress of the arch dragon, Bombardier

Tammy Tanuka swatches Blues and Teals: Subduing gaze, Soul gatherer, One pulling into the abyss, Dragonrider in the forest, Shepherd of the glowing jellyfish, Enchantress, She who swirls in velvet pearls

Tammy Tanuka multichrome swatches: Subjugation, Incarnation, Awakening

Ordering from Tammy Tanuka

You can purchase Tammy Tanuka eyeshadows on their website (in Russian and English) or on Etsy. I have never ordered from Etsy so I cannot share my experience. Ordering from their website is quite simple and straight forward. The products arrive with traced shipping after 2-3 weeks, very well packaged, and I have never had to pay for customs so far.

The Tammy Tanuka eyeshadows range in prices depending on the complexity of the pigment, sparkle, shifts, etc. The most expensive are the multichrome pigments of course, which are around 10€ for a 1mL sample.

They offer different sizes for purchase: 0.5mL and 1mL samples, or a full size of 2mL. I always order mL as it is enough to fill about half of a 26mm pan, and I haven’t hit pan on any of the shades that I have had for orver a year.

If you are wondering how to press Tammy Tanuka eyeshadows, I have a video all about it:

The only update I have to add to this video is that I did manage to press multichrome pigments following some discussions with my friend Marte over at Marte’s Makeup. I added 2 drops of Isopropyl Myristate to the pigment and enough alcohol to get a paste. It was a success. So I guess the message is to add as little binder as possible, or you risk ruining your pigments.

Let me know if you have any other questions!




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