Nabla Skin Glazing and Skin Bronzing swatches

 Since their first release last year, the Nabla Cosmetics Skin Glazing formula has been my favorite highlighter and luminous blush formula in my collection. When they released the two new Skin Glazing blushes together with the new Skin Bronzing range in Summer 2020, I couldn’t resist. Check out the video of me trying them out back when they released.

The original Nabla Skin Glazing formula is a thin, finely milled luminous powder that feels very firm and hard pressed in the pan. These are not powders with immediate high pigmentation, but rather ultra thin washes of color and light that melt in the skin, giving a lit from within glow. This still holds for the new Skin Bronzing powders.

The new shades of Skin Glazing blushes instead are less luminous than the original Truth and Adults Only, and they are more pigmented. I still like the formula very much, but I am not a fan of of the fact that both new shades are pinks.

Nabla Skin Glazing Lola

The new Nabla Skin Glazing Lola is a pinky coral, quite bright and pigmented.

Skin Glazing Independence

The new Nabla Skin Glazing Independence is a pinky nude with a cool-toned shine through it. The shade is very difficult to capture so here are more photos to give you a better idea.

Nabla Skin Bronzing Dune

The Nabla Skin Bronzing powders are the new bronzers in the Nabla line. I was extremely excited for a satin bronzer in the Skin Glazing formula. I think Nabla did very well by toning down the glow compared to their highlighters and blushes, but kept the beautiful satin finish. I bought the shade Dune, which is the second lightest and has a yellow undertone. This undertone made the beginning of our relationship quite rocky, as I didn’t think it matched well with my skintone. I have now used it for months, through summer, fall and winter and it has become a valued member of my bronzer collection. The shade still doesn’t always look good on me, but I live with it because the formula is outstanding.

There are three other shades of Nabla bronzer:

– Ambra is a warm bronzer for fair skin tones

– Soft Revenge has a cooler undertone and can be used as contour

– Profile is a warm bronzer for dark skintones




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