Audible review

I have always been a book-worm and there are some books I have been reading recently that I want to share with you guys. It’s not beauty, but it is a huge part of my life that I wanted to share with you guys. Welcome to the first book edit, where I introduce Audible and give you my Audible review, information, tips and tricks.

Ever since I was a child I loved reading of elves, magical creatures, wars and history. Naturally some of my favorite books of all time are fantasy and historical novels. Reading for me is a way to transport myself in a different world where everything is possible.

Since moving out from my parent’s home, I left behind my big library full of my beloved books and switched over to digital, starting with a Kindle and even taking it a step further. During my university years I used to spend my lunch hours and sunny days at the beach with my Kindle reading and relaxing but that blessed time has past unfortunately and I moved to cold countries and started working.

Audible Review

Then in Spring of 2015 I started my “fitness journey“, got a FitBit and walked every day six or more kilometers in the park or in the woods. That can get very boring and music didn’t cut it for me while walking, whereas I love it for working out and running. I decided to try Audible and haven’t come back since.

Audible is an Amazon service the for $15 gives you 1 credit a month to spend on any audio book in their database. And the database is huge! There are infinite amounts of new and old books, mostly in English but in other languages as well. All you need to do is sign up and download the app on your phone/tablet and get listening!

The quality of the reading is excellent and is nothing like the free audiobooks you find online that sound like a robot read them (which is probably the case). It really feels like you are reading the book in your head, with the same person doing different voices. And it is nothing like watching a movie or series, because you still get to imagine the characters and scenarios by yourself.

I love the Browse Audible feature, where I found a lot of great suggestions based on books I had read previously. Other great feature is the Wish List, where I save a list of books I want to get to in the future, and these also contribute to the suggestions you receive. Another great perk are 2 for 1 sales that happen at least three times a week and are a great chance to discover new books or new genres for free.


There are multiple options when it comes to memberships. The standard is the Gold Membership, where you get 1 credit a month for $14.95. With the credit you can buy any book you want. A note to say that books are in general way more expensive than the cost of a credit if you were to buy them without a membership.

If you read more than a book a month, you can choose the Platinum Membership for 2 credits a month at $22.95. On the other end of the spectrum is the Silver Membership where you get 1 credit every other month and you pay $14.95 every other month. The latter is the membership I have at the moment and it is plenty for me. Let me tell you how I make it work.

Tips and tricks

I started my Audible experience with a 1 month free trial (get yours here) and then decided to sign up for the Gold Membership. In winter I started walking less outdoors and I paused my membership  for three months at no cost to me. You can put your subscription on pause for 3 months once per year, but you can switch your subscription at any time!

Once I moved to the US I decided to cut down on some expenses and switched to the Silver Membership. The trick for me is to pick books that are very long, up to 50 hours of listening, and those last me easily two months, counting that I listen 15 minutes every night before sleeping and every time I leave the house and walk somewhere.

This post is long enough as is, so expect my book recommendations in an upcoming blog post! If you have any question on Audible, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below or message me on Facebook and Twitter.



*Images are stock images from Pixabay and links are affiliate. This means I get a small commission if you sign up from my links. However, I pay for my membership and nobody asked me to talk to you about Audible. I just love this app so much and wanted to share!*


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