Anti Haul #2 – Lip products I’m not gonna buy January 2017

On this blog we talk about buying makeup, wanting makeup, and that’s not so good for our wallets, mine or yours. After the success of the first Anti Haul (here), here we go again with another episode. In this video and post I explain what I am NOT gonna buy among the latest lipstick releases and why. There are so many lip products out there to talk about that I thought I’d keep it strictly to those for this episode. This is an original idea by the amazing Kimberly Clark on Youtube, she is such a fun character to watch, I really recommend you to check her out!

The new year has started and brands are releasing lots of new stuff, even before the Spring lines come out, so it is time to remind myself and you why we shouldn’t those beautiful makeup products we don’t need.

Let’s start with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette ($48). This is an 18-shade pro lipstick palette with all the shades you may ever need and comes with a spatula and mixing palette. As much as I like the look of so many shades next to each other and I’m intrigued to mix my own shades, this palette is impractical for an everyday use. Gorgeous, but not for us common humans: this is a real Pro palette (not like the Tarte ones..).

Taking about some more ridiculous lipstick shades, I am going to skip is the MAC Colour Rocker collection ($17). You know I love bright colors and would buy this collection as a whole. But do we need to get crazy lipsticks from MAC? Don’t think so, I’ll go with Colourpop at $5-6 for the crazy colors and splurge on MAC for the regular colors like Bowl Me OverInstigator and Antique Velvet (lol, regular right?!).

Another collection from MAC that I’m skipping is the expansion of the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour ($21) line with 12 new shades. I love the look of some of the shades like Chocotease, but I had an awful experience with one of these (read more here) and I have to resist the urge to give them a second chance, because $21 is not a second-chance option.

Clinique is making crayons($17 here)! Not that big of a news since they’ve been doing chubby sticks for a while, but now they’re kicking it up to another level by collaborating with Crayola. I cannot be more indifferent to this launch, because I don’t want to wear crayons but lipsticks on my lips. I am also missing the point of it, since Crayola is a brand of crayons for kids and Clinique is a high end cosmetic brand catered to an adult audience. I’d rather see Wet n Wild do that instead and it would make more sense.

Finally, a bit late to the bandwagon, Morphe Brushes Liquid Lipsticks are finally out and they’re not looking very good (check out Alissa Ashley’s video here). The range of colors is huge, but I can’t trust most reviews online due to the epidemic of discount codes and affiliates that Morphe has. So I’ll just skip them altogether!

And what do you think about these lip products? Will you be caving and uying them or did i convince you not to buy them?



Read and watch the first Anti Haul #1 here.

*Disclaimer: images for this post were found on brand websites or social media channels or from Trendmood on Instagram, links may be affiliate*


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