Updating the stash #2: new Makeup Geek eyeshadow swatches

It is no secret that Makeup Geek is my favorite eyeshadow brand, si it will come as now shock that there is another update post. Beauty Bay had a big sale some time ago and I picked up some more shadows on the way. I was initially quite weary of the foiled eyeshadows because of the rumors that they creased, but I finally was won over by the incredible pigmentation and color payoff so I have quite a few of them here. As usual I will give the official description and a mini review for every shade. If you want to see all my other Makeup geek eyeshadows, check out the previous posts here and here.

Starting from the top row:
  • Rapunzel: light peachy champagne with a metallic finish. This is the more shiny version of Mirage which I use every day (read here). The colour point is the same but Rapunzel has a beautiful light to it that makes it a great lid color or cheekbone highlight.
  • Casino: vibrant marigold with a shimmery finish. A beautiful shade with the regular formula, this was a bit of a double purchase as the color is so similar to the next shadow.
  • Untamed (foiled): bright coppery orange with warm undertones. This was a missing shade in my collection and I don't know how I did without it. It is an absolute must! Look here.
  • Flame Thrower (foiled): true brightened warm copper. This is another must that I often use in combination with Untamed (here) or by itself all over the lid (here).
  • Havoc (duochrome): warm red-brown base with teal reflects. This is another of those warm base-light blue shift that draw me in. Just like Neve Cosmetics Camaleonte, Mac Blue Brown and that shade in the Wet n Wild Comfort Zone palette. They are not dupes for Havoc, but fall in the same category.
  • Typhoon (duochrome):  a deep teal base with green and gold reflects. This was a spur of the moment purchase, and I am so happy with it! It is a very unique shade with amazing pigmentation.
  • Jester (foiled): bright mossy green with slight gold undertones. Definitely an underrated shade, and also one of my most used lid colors. I love it paired with Venom.
  • Venom: a deep moss green with a golden shimmery finish. A beautiful very deep shade. I wasn't expecting much, but the shimmer is beautiful and it is the perfect Deep Autumn green.
  • Envy: deep metallic green. One of the shadows from the older line, it is a great dark green for an alternative dark smokey eye.
  • Fuji: a bright apple green with a demi-matte finish. Fuji has microscopic shimmer particles, but functions as a matte when applied. It is one of the craziest eyeshadow shades
  • Dragonfly: a bright medium teal with a matte finish. This is the color I'd like my whole house to be bathing in. I just need to get the guts to put it all over my eyes. It is great in the crease, but I used it also all over the lid in this look here and I loved it.
  • Shark Bait: blue based green with a matte finish. Another crazy blue-green shadow that called to me during a bright summer day. It swatches wonderfully but I still need to wear it.
  • Pegasus (foiled): intensely bright light aqua. AMAZING!!!! I have no other words for it. I can't thank Giulia from Glitters For Breakfast for making me buy it. You can see my favorite way to use it in this look here.
  • Boo Berry: a denim blue with gray undertones and a matte finish. This might have been a daring purchase since cool toned shadows with grey in them really don't suit me, but I thought I needed it "just in case".

  • In the spotlight (foiled): soft pink with coral undertones. I had to swatch it next to all of my similar light and bright shadows to really understand the uniqueness of it. I already had Starry Eyed but hardly use it because of its pinky cool undertone, so I am super happy with In The Spotlight which is warmer. These foiled eyeshadows definitely are a step up on any shimmer shadow I tried.
  • Tiki Hut: a medium tawny brown with a matte finish. A very unique and different transition color that is still very wearable. Not as close to Nabla's Caramel as I thought, so that's a positive!
  • Wild West:  a rich rose brown with a matte finish. I am head over heels over this shade. A gorgeous rosy brown. I really recommend it.
  • Taboo: an ultra-deep raisin purple with a matte finish. As most very dark mattes, this is hard to swatch properly and I wouldn't call it the best blending eyeshadow in the world. However, I use it gladly as outer V shade to add intensity and it hasn't come off patchy so far.
So here are the latest additions to my Makeup Geek collection. I hope you enjoy these swatch posts and if you want to see some other comparisons, let me know and I can add them in! Which one of these is your favorite?

Don't forget to check out the other two posts on Makeup Geek eyeshadows here and here.


  1. Oh mio dio! Sono senza parole per la bellezza di questi ombretti. Ne ho tanto sentito parlare ma non riesco a decidere quali acquistare, mi era sfuggito che ne avessi parlato anche tu! Ti userò come mia guida spirituale nell'acquisto :D


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