New Kiko primers: first impressions GRWM Video

Welcome to a new type of post! I have ventured into making YouTube videos and this is the first one in which I am actually speaking to the camera! Oh my was that weird! I apologize if I'm doing it all wrong, I would love your feedback on the video!

Let's get to the content though! Kiko Milano released a whole new line of re-formulated primers and I was conveniently out of primers, so I jumped at the opportunity to try them out. I picked up the Matte Face Base, the Neutral Eye Base and the Nude Blur Lip Base and decided to try them out in a first impressions get ready with me video on my YouTube Channel. Check out the video below and subscribe to the Channel if you want to see more videos!

Initially I wondered if Kiko had only repackaged their primers, but I own the old version of the mattifying face primer, the Mat Base Corrector Primer, and the old Lip Base and they are totally different from the new formulations. The old Mat Base was very effective at holding the oil at bay during the day, but it would crumble on the face. The new Matte Base has a completely different formula, more of a gel and I had no trouble with application as you can see in the video. The old Lip Base was pretty much a concealer to cancel out your own lip colour. It was incredibly drying and didn't improve the application or lasting power of the lipsticks I wore on top. The new version is a transparent stick with a siliconey feel that does a great job at smoothing out any lines or dry skin on the lips.

Getting into the actual performance of the new primers, at first application I really liked all of them, but of course the real test is the one of time. I put on my makeup at 9.30 am and took some update photos after 2 hours (11.20 am) and after 7.5 hours (5 pm) to check in. Starting with the biggest disappointment, after 2 hours I had only had breakfast and my lipstick was already gone. This lipstick usually lasts much longer so I blame this fail on the lip primer. Too bad. The face and eyes still looked good a 11 am, but I wouldn't have expected anything less. At the end of the day however, I was a shiny mess glowing goddess but I hadn't touched up or powdered all day, so that is not weird for my combination skin. The eyeshadow had creased a bit by the end of the day, but I don't think it was a disaster at all. As I mentioned in the video, it was a tough test because I used a foiled eyeshadow.

So overall my first impressions are positive for the new Kiko Milano Matte Base and Neutral Eye Base primers, but definitely negative for the Nude Blur Lip Base. Have you tried any of the Kiko primers?

I hope you enjoyed my first adventure at talking to a camera, and if you did, please subscribe to my channel and give the video a like so you won't miss any future videos! Also, since I'm a real beginner at this, any feedback or tip is more than welcome!!


PS. I leave down here the ingredients list of the primers for any of you interested.


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