Makeup Stash: Nabla Blossom Blush and Shade & Glow swatches and review

Welcome back! Ok, maybe I should welcome myself back to the blog. It is a really busy time, with work, the gym, makeup, calligraphy, personal life all trying to compete in a 24 hour day. Somehow the blog has been suffering for it and I apologize for it. Anyhow, I'm back for another makeup stash post and today we're talking about the Blossom Blush and Shade and Glow lines the Nabla Cosmetics released this summer. The addition of six blushes, three contour and three highlight powders to their makeup line was a big extension that got everyone very excited. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Nabla Cosmetics makes some of my favorite eyeshadows (review and swatches here). Let's take a look at these beauties.

The Blossom Blush powders are the first powder brushes by Nabla, who had previously a liquid blush line that has now been discontinued. Six shades were part of this initial release, of which I picked up five. The brand describes them as:

Long-lasting blush with a soft and smoothing texture.
Blossom Blush gives you a natural and healthy look that revives your complexion and recreates the effect of a cheek that is fresh and naturally flushed into different shades.
The colour release is intense. Pure selected pigments are blended with an ultra-fine spherical and transparent mica which guarantees extreme ease to blend and great adherence giving a splendid second skin effect with a velvety transparency.

Let's take a look at the shades:
  • Nectarine: matte peach sorbet. This is a gorgeous peachy blush, not too warm and therefore will suit also those with neutral undertones.
  • Beloved: matte medium coral pink. Í wish this was more coral, more pigmented, just more.
  • Impulse: matte rosy red with blue undertones. This color is stunning and a show stopper in the pan but very wearable on the cheek.
  • Hey Honey! matte peachy brown. This is my most used shade because it is this perfect "cookie" color that just makes me look flushed and tan at the same time.
  • Regal Mauve:
The formula of these Blossom Blushes is new and very innovative. It feels firm and buttery in the pan and even the matte shades have a beautiful sheen that gives a great three-dimensional effect leaving the sparkly to the highlighters. Mr Daniel, the creative director of Nabla Cosmetics, thought these blushes for all skin tones, including the lightest ones. This means the pigmentation is buildable, which in my vocabulary translates to "not enough". In my opinion here lies the problem with these blushes. To make them visible on my skin I have to build them up two to three times and that is too much time and hustle for a blush for me. The situation improves if you use a natural bristle blush brush like the Zoeva 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek, then the pigmentation seems a bit better, but still not close to what all my other blushes do. Nevertheless a few of these blushes ended up in my favorites post of this past month (here).

Moving on to the Shade and Glow line, this consists of three highlighters and three bronze and contour powders. WHat Nabla says on the site:
Long-lasting highlighter that perfectly blends into the skin and gives a splendid glow effect.
It captures the light to then reflect it in a unique way making the skin fresh, healthy and absolutely glamorous.
The colour release is immediate. Selected pigments and exquisite pearls are blended with an ultra-fine spherical and transparent mica that guarantees extreme ease to blend and great adherence giving a splendid second skin effect with a velvety transparency.

The finish of all three is called Pearly Sheen, even though I do not think all three highlighters were created equal.
  • Angel: light champagne with a subtle copper and pink iridescence. This is the most unique and my least favorite of the highlighter. The color and the duochrome reflections are beautiful but the formulation is too coarse and ends up emphasizing imperfections on the skin. Too bad. The reflections are difficult to grasp in photo, so go take a look if you can. It really is stunning.
  • Baby Glow: light beige-gold with warm undertones. This is a beautiful finely milled champagne highlight that is a must have in any collection. This means you probably already own a similar shade, but it is a must have nonetheless.
  • Jasmine: champagne-gold with a hint of amber of medium tonality. This is my favorite of the highlighters for its golden amber sheen that makes it unique in my collection. Lovely formula and lovely color.

The Nabla Shade & Glow contour powders are another genius product release. With NYX Taupe being reformulated, most fair girls were worried of not finding a good contour. Here comes Nabla to the rescue with two contour shades: Gotham (light taupe) and Cameo (neutral medium-dark brown).

Long-lasting bronzing powder with a soft and smoothing texture that sculpts the facial features redefining their volume.
The velvety touch and the blending formula facilitate the application making the colour always uniform and buildable.
Pure and selected earth tone pigments are blended with an ultra-fine spherical and transparent mica that guarantees extreme ease to blend and great adherence giving a splendid second skin effect.

I picked up the darker shade and am very happy of my choice. In addition, Saint Tropez is the bronzer of the line, a medium brown that is warm without being orange. In the comparisons above I wanted to add the blush Hey Honey to this bunch because when purchasing I could not really tell the difference. When Saint Tropez and Hey Honey are next to each other you can clearly see that the latter is more warm and peachy. Compared to my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit, Cameo falls close to Fawn, whereas Havana is more orange and Java has more red in it. My previous favorite contour powder was Mulac Cosmetics Morfeo and Cameo is slightly warmer than that, which makes me prefer it actually.

The formulation of the Nabla Cosmetics Shade & Glow contour and highlighting powders is buttery and smooth. The pigmentation is perfect for the application, they blend and can be built up extremely easily. My only wish if I had to be really picky is that I'd like the bronzer Saint Tropez to be slightly more pigmented, but this is me being picky.

Overall the new Nabla Cosmetics Blossom Blush and Shade & Glow lines are a great expansion of the makeup line. We can expect further additions and shades in the coming seasonal collections as in the latest Mermaid collection that just launched. These face powders are available in refill (€10.50) or magnetic and interchangeable compact (€13.90) on the Nabla Cosmetics website (here) with international shipping, in Italian bio-cosmetics shops and in the Netherlands at Beauty88 (here).

Have you spotted something you like?


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