Makeup Stash: Nabla Cosmetics eyeshadow collection review and swatches

After my Makeup Stash posts on my Makeup Geek eyeshadows (here and here), I want to introduce my other favorite makeup brand Nabla Cosmetics. Nabla is an independent Italian brand that is certified cruelty free and makes mostly vegan products, with exception of those containing bee wax. Created by makeup artist Mr. Daniel Makeup, collections are released every year in July and December and new product lines have been added recently of which I'll talk about in further posts. For now, I want to show you the eyeshadows, which are in my opinion the thing they do best.
There are different finishes of Nabla eyeshadows ranging from the Soft Mattes to incredibly pigmented Brights, Satin, Sparkles and even a wet-look Top Coat. I have 28 of the 46 eyeshadows up to now, and I am sure my collection will keep growing as new shades are released. Let's take a look to the swatches, as per usual, I start with the official description from the Nabla Cosmetics website and then give you my opinions.

Starting with my favorite colors, the warm toned Bright eyeshdaows:
  • Water Dream: Nude top coat wet effect with reflective pearls. Is a unique shade, very glittery and with some fall out, it makes any look special. The base is almost transparent so it is perfect on the center of the lid as highlight.
  • Clementine: Medium tangerine with golden sheen. This is absolutely gorgeous all over the lid and gives its best on top of a white base.
  • Rust: Mid-tone rust color. A must have for any warm toned girl, and anyone else actually.
  • Aphrodite: Coral/warm copper. This is one of my favorite eyeshadows ever. I pair it with purple for a more editorial look (here) or go monochrome for a warm copper look (here). I love it.
  • Grenadine: Pomegranate red with amaranth shimmer. Venturing a bit on the pinky side, it still has enough red to pull off for me, especially if placed on a red base like Nabla's Creme Shadow in Supreme (look here) I don't use it as much as I should unfortunately.
  • Daphne n.2: Burgundy with blueberry and coppery glow. Hmm I never noticed the blueberry part, but this is a very beautiful shade for a burgundy smokey eye. It reminds me of Burlesque by Makeup Geek (here).

Next bunch is my Nabla Cosmetics cool toned purple and blue eyeshadows. I must say that these are possibly some of the most gorgeous colors out there. I totally got sucked in by them even though I don't use them that often. 
  • Cattleya: Magenta Purple with warm undertones and bluish reflections. Amazing and unique shade, I used it in this look here, Not an everyday color for me, but definitely recommended.
  • Lilac Wonder: Medium violet with blue, lilac and wisteria sheen. It has a beautiful duochrome that makes it a magnetic inner corner highlight for a neutral look with a pop of color (here). Great in the summer. I bet it can also be used on the cheek bones on those with a cool undertone, somewhat like the Jeffree Star Skin Frosts.
  • Atmosphere: Bluish green with gold reflections. One of my favorite shades in summer. I love the pigmentation and the golden shimmer makes it extremely wearable. I used it in this look here.
  • Babylon: Deep petrol green. It is beautiful paired with Atmosphere (here) as an outer corner deeper shade, but I find it is slightly dull used on its own. It has great potential but falls a bit short on its own. I would use a similar color base to really get the best out of it.
  • Eternity: Prussian blue with sapphire shimmer. This is THE blue of all blues for me. Gorgeous, buttery and super pigmented. It is definitely a must for those who love color.
  • Baltic: Navy blue with indigo highlights. This is a fail for me. It is very chalky and not very pigmented. It shows up like a dark grey with some blue shimmer that however disappears when you blend it out.

  • Lazy Days: Peach color with gold micro-glitter. This is a beautiful shade with a Sparkle finish. This to me is unfortunate because it means the color is not as full as I'd like it to be, but more of a glittery highlight or top coat shade. If it were a Bright shadow I'd probably be using it every day.
  • Desire: Rose gold of a medium tonality. A beautiful everyday lid shade, definitely a must for those who are lovers of neutral palettes. I have used it in a few more subdues looks (here) and really love it.
  • Glitz: Medium bronze with brown and amber notes. Drop Dead Gorgeous. I really should use it more, because it is extremely bright and pigmented and beautiful.
  • Unrestricted: Plum-burgundy duochrome with strong golden sheen. I would rather call it golden glitter than duochrome. This shadow is my perfect five minute makeup shade. You can pack it all over the lid where the glitter will show, and blend it in the crease where the glitter will not be visible and you are done with one shadow for a complete look. The base color is gorgeous and warm, definitely recommend it!
  • Citron: Medium lime gold. This was my latest purchase and oh I am so happy with it. It is the perfect lime color without being too yellow, but still green. I used it in this look here.
  • Extravirgin: Olive green. It is absolutely stunning with its golden sheen and perfect for a totally green smokey eye (here) or paired with Citron. A must have!
  • Sandy: Bright and light neutral sand. This was a bit of a mistake purchase from my part. It is definitely too cool and desaturated for my skin tone and taste. However, the formula is again amazing and if these shade are your thing, this is a good one.
  • Tribeca: Deep brown with delicate pink and bronze reflections. This shade is what smokey eyes are made from. A beautiful brown for all the neutral-lovers that will both intensify and illuminate the eyes.

Finally, after all the shiny brights, here are the mattes. The formula of Nabla's  Soft Matte eyeshadows is fairly pigmented, slightly dry and easy enough to blend. On my chart of preference they lie lower than the Makeup Geek matte eyeshadows and higher than the Morphe Brushes eyeshadows.
  • Circle: Desaturated mauve of a medium tonality. A very beautiful cool toner transition shade, I don't use it much due to my warm undertone. I used it in this look for the Nabla Artika collection (here).
  • Mimesis: Deep red-purple. A great outer-V shade, it is dark but not too dark for everyday makeup. I used it for my Valentine's Day look (here).
  • Fahrenheit: Intense Pompeian red. In my quest to the perfect red matte crease color, this came pretty close. The color point is perfect, slightly cooler than I usually wear, but that is easily fixed by pairing it with a shade like Makeup Geek Morocco. The formula is a bit drier than the other soft mattes but it is still a great eyeshadow. You can see it in action here.
  • Peach Velvet: Orangey pastel peach. A beautiful transition shade, it is unfortunately too light for my skin tone and almost doesn't show up on me. It is similar to Peach Smoothie by Makeup Geek.
  • Caramel: Caramel. This is one of Nabla's most unique shades, the color of caramel. A beautiful shade to put in the crease for an alternative to the usual browns.
  • Wild Side: Medium warm brown. A classic for any palette, perfect crease shade. I see it as more of a neutral than warm brown.
  • Petra: Medium Sienna. This is my favorite matte eyeshadow from Nabla. The perfect warm crease shade without being straight up orange. I adore it!
  • Narciso: Neutral light brown with pink undertones. Another must have transition and crease shade. It ends up in almost any makeup look I do with Nabla eyeshadows.

And the swatch marathon has come to an end. If you made here congratulations!! In summary, I love pretty much all of my Nabla Cosmetics eyeshadows except for one clear fail. M all time favorites are Petra, Aphrodite, Atmosphere and Citron. Formula-wise I prefer their Bright finish over all of the others, even though they are amazing quality. These eyeshadows come as refills (€6.50 here) to be placed in the Nabla Liberty Six of Liberty Twelve empty palettes (here), or as single compacts (€7.90 here).

You can purchase Nabla Cosmetics products from their website and they ship all over the world, or you can find local retailers such as most bio-cosmetic shops in Italy, and in the Netherlands online at

I hope this post was useful! Let me know which colors were your favorites and which ones you recommend in the comments below.


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