My marble obsession

Hello, my name is Alice and I am obsessed with all things marble.
It all started back in October, when I turned my boring Ikea Expedit in a marble tabletop (read about it here). Since then I have been hoarding home ware, jewelry and all kind of marble bits and pieces. There are many gorgeous bits and pieces around but price points can be quite hefty so I went on a mission to feed my addiction with affordable pieces that still look nice and don't break the bank.

This gorgeous watch is from the H&M accessories department, and the bracelets are part of a big order I made on Aliexpress (triangle bracelet 3€ here, prismatic bracelet 2.30€ here). The bracelets are a bit too big for my tiny tiny wrists, but I love the watch so much!

H&M is definitely a good place to hunt for marble pieces, from ceramic home bits like this black marble tray, to jewelry like these rings and ear studs. The black marble earrings are especially staples in my every day outfits, also thanks to the dangles that give great movement.

My big order from Aliexpress included a set of three stud earrings in triangle, round and square shape (1.30€ each here), a matching square ring (2.50€ here) and a big cuff bracelet (3.20€ here). I use the earrings a lot and I like that I can vary that shapes and match them with the rest of my accessories. My favorite of this bunch though is the necklace from H&M accessories.

The newest addition to my collection is this gorgeous marble and gold choker necklace that my friend Fran from Being Cute is not a Crime picked up for me in Poland from the brand TOSH. I absolutely adore the design and paired it with these triangle earrings from Aliexpress (3.60€ here).

So I clearly have a marble obsession right now and I wear the marble jewelry constantly! How about you?


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