Makeup Geek x MannyMUA eyeshadow palette: my dupes and alternatives

The latest Makeup Geek release of the collaboration palette with MannyMUA broke the internet at the end of February and pre-orders for the restock are expected to take 4 to 6 weeks to ship (link here). Crazy stuff. I am a huge fan of the brand and have a big collection of their single eyeshadows (here) so I was immediately ready to jump at the first pre-order newsletter. Then I looked at what it would cost me in terms of value (45$) and custom costs (??€), as well as the price to pay if I got it from BeautyBay (63€) made me take a second look at my stash. The palette also contains 3 shades from the permanent line that I already own. So after longing for the palette I put together my own version of it with the shadows I already own which are the exact ones from Makeup Geek's permanent line or what I believe are close enough dupes for the exclusive shades. Let's take a look at what I came up with.

Swatches from the Makeup Geek website
Swatches from Phyrra, top with primer, bottom without
Makeup Geek x Manny MUA palette dupes: swatches without primer

Artemis: is a muted champagne yellow with a shimmery finish. As an alternative I picked the Makeup Geek foiled shadow in Starry Eyed. It is slightly less yellow than Artemis so not a dupe, but on the eyes I dont think you can really tell the difference and any bright champagne eyeshadow will do.

Beaches and Cream: this is a soft peachy beige with a matte finish. It is a shade available in the permanent line (here) and one of my most used transition colors, hence the huge dent in the pan.

Luna dupe: swatch comparisons without primer
Luna: is a medium rose gold with a foiled finish. This was the most difficult to find a dupe for because it is in between a coppery shade (like Pure Ganache from the Zoeva Cocoa Blend or Essence Smell the Caramel pigment) and a rose gold like Cosmopolitan. The shade I picked at first (and is in the top swatch) is the Kiko Milano Pigment n.28, but in hindsight the closest shade I own is Desire by Nabla Cosmetics because it is a rose gold without the coral base that Cosmopolitan has.

Cosmopolitan: is a gold-flecked medium rose with a shimmery finish. It is part of the permanent shade and I've had it for the longest time. No need for a dupe here.

Sora:   is a medium earthy terracotta with a matte finish. I found an almost exact dupe in the shade Substitute for love from the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette that I depotted. This is a great warm-orangy transition shade.

Frappe: is a medium maple brown with a matte finish. Another shade from the permanent range that you can purchase anytime.

Makeup Geek Insomnia comparisons from the web | left from Lisanne Blogt and right from Consigli di Makeup
Insomnia: is a warm red brown with blue reflects and a metallic finish. This is the pressed version of the Makeup Geek loose pigment Insomnia. If you have it and don't use it because the form it is in, you can try pressing it yourself following a few tips here. From swatches online the color is a very close dupe to MAC Blue Brown pigment, even though Insomina is slightly greener. The alternative I found in my stash is Neve Cosmetics Camaleonte which ahs the same warm reddish base and gorgeous blue/green duochrome. It doesn't swatch as pigmented as Insomnia in the official swatches, but quite close to the swatches from Phyrra (which I trust very much).

Mars: is a deep cherry red with a matte finish. Rather than giving you a dupe here, I give you the shade I would have liked it to be. Mars looks incredibly gorgeous when swatched but in every look I find online it blends out to a pinky hue which is so sad for one light me who always looks for the perfect red shadow. The close I have gotten to is the shade Fahrenheit from Nabla Cosmetics. It's just red, I love it!

Aphrodite: is a deep plum brown with a matte finish. I picked Makeup Geek Americano as a dupe, even though it is slightly cooler than Aphrodite. They both do a great job at darkening the outer v and giving depth to any look.

Swatches and descriptions are all fun and nice but the ultimate test is on the eye, so I went on to reproduce one of the most popular looks created with the Makeup Geek x MannyMUA palette. I starte layering Beaches&Cream and Frappe in the crease to prepare for the blending of Fahrenheit all over the lid and in the crease. I then layered Neve Cosmetics Camaleonte on the lid with a wet flat brush and darkened the outer v with Makeup Geek Americano. No look is complete without a bright inner corner and that is precisely the role of the foiled eyeshadow Starry Eyed. The lower lash line is a replica of what I did on the upper one and with a bit of brown eyeliner in the waterline I was happy with the look. This is a simple and incredibly effective makeup look that is truly gorgeous on many different skin tones and eye shapes as demonstrated by this look by Katy of LustreLux and this look from Alice ErreRoscia. I think the effect of the MUG X Manny MUA dupe palette I put together is really similar to the original, and can put my heart at peace and not buy the palette when/if the next restock happens.

My current obsession being duochrome lips (here), I added Camaleonte also in the center of the lips on top of MAC Diva and I absolutely adore the effect. even more than the eye look to be honest.

What do you think? Did you manage to put your paws on the Makeup Geek x MannyMUA palette or will you be shopping your stash for dupes and alternative? Let me know in the comments below!

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