MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipstick Oh Lady review, swatch and all day wear test

You might have noticed a week (or two?) of silence on this blog, but now I'm back! I finally got my doctorate and am now officially an unemployed doctor of philosophy. So now my days will be spent job seeking and of course blogging!

Better late than never they say, so MAC released their own liquid lipstick line last month and I finally get around to talking about them. The expectations were high, the colour range wide and interesting, so I was (almost) first in line to go check them out in store when they released. I ahd watched all the swatches and reviews on Youtube and set my heart on Oh Lady. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to catch the color I desired, but I managed to order it online the next day.

The lukewarm reviews I found online left me with some doubts but the incredibly stunning shade that is Oh Lady and the absolute matte finish won me over the first time I quickly tried it in store. Oh Lady is the most gorgeous berry shade that I feel I have been looking for. It reminds me of MAC Rebel but more saturated.

The Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks come in a simple see-through packaging with the lid that is the same as the classic MAC bullet lipsticks. This has been deemed to be boring and not original, but I quite like it, fits well with my MAC lipstick collection and the color is well visible. The applicator is a novel shape compared to the regular doe foot. It has a rhomboidal shape with a small dimple where enough product is stored to cover one whole application. This reminds me a lot of the ones in the L'Oréal Caresse gloss-stains and I love it. The point also makes for a more precise application in theory, even though I always find I overline my lips when I put it on.

Moving on to the formula, it is incredibly pigmented, quite liquid and dries super fast. This means you need to apply it perfectly in one go or it will be too late. Once it is dry, if feels like having a very thin layer of paint on you lips. It is not uncomfortable or drying, it doesn't hydrate or dry out your lips. The only way to remove it is with heavy duty makeup remover.  With this preface, I expected the liquid lipstick to last forever on my lips and so it did the first time I tried it for a gig with my band (here). I had beer and water and except some fading in the inner rim of the lips, the color stayed intact. The second time I wore it though, I had a salad for lunch and the result was disastrous bleeding of the color everywhere in the fine lines of my lips (see that here). Finally I decided to document the wear during a typical day, without salads consumed. The light in the photos changed because I used different cameras and bathroom lighting. I applied the lipstick around 11 am and after 3 hours of wear and a pasta for lunch the inner rim had already faded but the lipstick looked good otherwise. An hour later I had somehow smudged the  edge and the final verdict at the end of the day is not really that good. You can see the MAC Retro Matte liquid lipstick faded unevenly, both from the inside and the outside edge of the lips. I also tried applying a lipliner underneath but nothing chaged in the wear during the day.

So the final verdict is that I absolutely adore the shade Oh Lady and will use it very carefully or as eyeliner, where it behaves amazingly and it lasted all day with no smudge whatsoever (here). I am quite sure that I won't purchase any other colors though, since I prefer long lasting liquid lipsticks that wear off more uniformly like the Sephora Cream Lip Stains (here), the Wycon Longlasting Liquid Lipsticks (here) and the Gerard Cosmetics Hydra Matte liquid lipsticks.

I would not recommend spending 24,50€ on the MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour but spend it on other brands. I recently purchased two Limecrime Velvetines and find the formula to be really similar but these last way longer and fade in a much nicer way than the MAC liquid lipsticks.

Have you tried the MAC liquid lipsticks? What was your experience?


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