H&M Beauty Powder Blushes: swatches, review and depotting in a ZPalette

 The H&M Beauty Department stole my heart from the launch back in October (haul here), and since then I have made countless trips to my local shop and ordered online for makeup bits. Of the many valid products in the line, they surely hit the target with the blushes. They come in powder or cream form and over 20 shades. Today I'm going to share my collection of  powder blushes and a small tutorial on how to store them in a ZPalette.

"a pressed powder blush that blends easily for a natural, healthy-looking glow. The sheer formula offers buildable coverage and comes in an array of fashion shades to match any skin tone."

They come in a very pretty and elegant black and gold compact, with no extras like mirror or brush. I like this feature very much because it saves space and I never use either brush or mirror of a blush compact. This allows also for a very slim compact that is easy and light to travel with. The shades are written on the label in the back and unfortunately there is no way of distinguishing them without reading or opening the blush.

Over the last few months I built up quite a collection of the H&M powder blushes and own six of them now. There are a total of 16 shades available in the line. The colors vary from pinks to nudes to corals and the finishes can be matte or satin, but none of them has any visible glitter (thank god). Let's take a look at the shades I own.

Brown Sugar might be my favorite of them all. I bought it after watching KathleenLight's haul (this one) and it was a bit of a trust-buy because it didn't really impress me when swatched in store. However, on the cheeks it gives the most gorgeous warm healthy look also thanks to the subtle shine it gives.

Tawny Peach is another nude blush which is a bit lighter than Brown Sugar and has a bit less warmth. Again a gorgeous satin blush that goes with any look.

Tango Pink is a beautiful medium pink, not too cool, not too warm. I think a shade like this is a must have for anyone. I use it for my cooler toned looks, think pinks, blues and greys.

Cherry is the first one of these I bought and is a spicy one. This gorgeous matte plum shade is super pigmented and needs some care to be applied to be a uniform halo of color rather than patches. However, I used it a bunch all winter and have got used to the application really fast. This matte blush has a slightly more dry and powdery texture compared to the satin ones.

Imperial Red is again extremely pigmented and a gorgeous coral shade with a very subtle golden sheen that gives it amazing dimensionality. Again a shade that needs to e dosed correctly to prevent patchiness, but it blends easier than the matte shade Cherry. I don't have anything like this and think this is going to be my most used shade in summer.

Coral is the last one to join the family and it is another purchase waiting for spring and summer. It is a very pretty peachy shade with a silvery shimmer through it. You dont really need highlighter when you wear this because it catches the light beautifully.

I have two more H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blushers on my radar thanks to various Youtubers and they are Cameo Pink and Rosy Brown. I love this range a lot and find the quality to be really awesome. Oh and they're incredibly affordable, retailing for just €7.99 each in the bigger H&M stores and online.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the packaging is really pretty but quite inconvenient when you own six blushes that all look the same in your drawer. So I thought of depotting the blushes onto a Z Palette to save space and have all of them clearly in view. Thankfully it was a pretty easy and straightforward process so here's a small tutorial on how to depot your H&M Pure Radiance Powder Blushes to fit in a magnetic palette like a Z Palette.

First I peeled off the label from the back of the compact saving it on the side. Then I used a heat source (my kitchen induction hub, but you can use a hair straightener) to heat the bottom of the compact to loosen the glue that keeps the pan in the packaging. Then with a small spatula I made lever and the pan came out very easily with no damage to the product. Now the pan that I am left with is not magnetic (made of aluminum) so I stick a small round metal disk I got with my Z palette on the pan and then cover the while thing with the original H&M blush label that I removed earlier. In this way I end up with a magnetic pan with the name of the product on the back. All that is left to do is place it in your magnetic palette and enjoy all your pretty blushes in one place.

This depotting tutorial is valid for any powder product you need to depot, be it blush, eyeshadow or face powder.  A small footnote to this is that you have to make sure the product you want to depot is in a pan in the packaging before you go to destroy your makeup. I say this because I wanted to depot some other blushes, highlighters and eyeshadows, but I couldn't because they are pressed directly in the plastic packaging and not in a pan.

I hope this very long post was useful to some of you! Let me know if you recommend any othe H&M blush shade that I haven't mentioned here!



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