Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette review and swatches

One of my new obsessions is blush, so when the new Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani Blush Palette was released, I was immediately tempted. I had never tried Urban Decay blushes before and reviews are extremely positive for the their quality and pigmentation. Plus I have a weak spot for palettes, as we all know. Pile on top of that a 20% discount code on Feelunique, and this baby came home with me immediately. I am star struck since I put my eyes on it, so let's take a look.
The palette comes in a beautiful cardboard box with a gold and black relief pattern with the logo in the front and the shades and a small introduction in the back.

"What you see in Gwen's press photos is what you get in person - breathtaking beauty made even better with flawless makeup. She let us in on her best tricks, and together we created her perfect blush palette. Get Gwen's glowing, contoured skin with six versatile shades of blush, bronzer and highlighter she can't live without - all in our 8-hour formula - and go from casual to your version of red carpet."

The palette itself comes with a gorgeous white and gold packaging that feels very sturdy and luxurious, with the logo beautifully engraved on the front. The palette is quite thick and maybe not the most travel friendly, but stunning to a fault.

Once you open it up, however, that's when the magic happens: together with a beautiful big mirror come six gorgeous powders. Now defining these powders is a bit tricky, but for me, there are two blushes, a bronzer/nude blush, two blush toppers and one highlighter. Sounds confusing, but let's look at the individual shade ad it will all be clear.

  • Cherry is a light cool pink. I didn't think much about it once swatched, too cool toned for me I thought. However, I used it in my Valentine's day look (here) and really liked the effect and how it blended with my skin tone and didn't look too cool at all (Look 1).
  • Easy is a gorgeous berry shade with a golden shimmer. It is not overly shimmery that you look like a disco ball, but rather a glowing color on your cheeks (Look 2).
  • Angel is a classic champagne highlight, much like May Lou Manizer by The Balm. It is incredibly pigmented and shiny, love it (Loo 1)!
  • Lo-Fi is a matte nude-brown powder on the warmer side, that can be used as bronzer by the lighter skin tones like Gwen's. On me this is a beautiful nude blush (Look 3) which I use as base for the next shade.
  • Hush is a beautiful shimmery peachy shade, a bit too dark to be used as highlighter, and a bit too shimmery (for me) to use álone as blush. So I use it as a blush topper to add some shimmer and extra dimension to matte blushes like Lo-Fi (Look 3). I apply it a bit lower than what I do my highlighters, on the upper half of my blush placement.
  • OC is the most unique of shades in my opinion. It is a light peachy shade with a cool pink duochrome, perfect to add a twist to any blush shade. I personally think it is again a bit to dark to be used as highlight alone, but perfect as blush topper.

Look 1 using Cherry as blush and Angel as highlighter

Look 2 using Easy as blush

Look 3 using Lo-Fi as bronzer/blush and Hush as toppper
So ya, I'm in love with my first ever blush palette. The Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani blush palette is a beauty that changed my blush game quite a bit, by introducing these shiny blush toppers that bring anew dimension to the cheeks. The shade selection is clearly catered for light skin tones, better still for very light skin tones. If I would be picky I would have preferred a coral instead of that baby pink, but overall I am very happy with this purchase and have been using it non stop since I got it.

You can find it on Feelunique, Sephora or ICI Paris XL depending on your location. I would definitely recommend it! What do you think? Would it be something for you?



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