Italian Beauty Wishlist and Gift Guide for Christmas 2015 Part 2: Skincare

After the Makeup Wishlist posted last week (here) it is time to share the skincare bits that are on my wishlist for my trip to Italy over the Christmas holidays. The Italian skincare scene has been dominated by natural and "bio" brands that use natural and locally sourced ingredients to the best of their ability without compromising on the quality of their products. Again, some of these I couldn't resist picking up with the Cyber Monday deals, I'm a terrible person I know!

The first product I have tried was the Biofficina Toscana Siero Purificante, a purifying serum for combination and oily skin. It has a water-like consistency that absorbs immediately and uses sage, nettle and rosemary extracts to fight oil from breaking through during the day. I love it, have gone 2 bottles already and will keep repurchasing it at my every trip to Italy! From the same brand I want to try their Hydrolates, pure distillates from different herbs to be used pure or diluted on face, body or hair depending on the scope of treatment. The ones which most attract me are the Sage Hydrolate, specific for oily skin, it has a balancing effect, the Rosemary Hydrolate which purifies and tightens pores (without alcohol!). However, the other two Lavender and Cypress Hydrolates also promise great results. The idea behind buying these waters is to combine them in a rose water base to make a toner specific for my skin. I still don't know how to do this but I'd love to read up and try. Please comment below if you have any ideas!

The other brand I've heard good things about is Antos Cosmesi from which I would like to try the Astringent Toner, which contains sage and rosemary to tighten pores, and the Exfoliating Serum containing fruit-derived (lemon, grapefruit, tomato and blueberrry) alpha-hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate the skin without the need for any physical exfoliation.

This is all for the skincare part of my Italian beauty wishlist and gift guide. If you think there's anything else I should pick up, please let me know in the comments below (I'm talking to you Italian girls!).
Also, if you missed the first part of this post, the one on makeup, you can go take a look here


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