Kiko Infinity Single Eyeshadows Review and Swatches

Last week Kiko Milano launched their new High Pigment Eyeshadows and are therefore discontinuing the Infinity Eyeshadows. These are now in discount for 1.90€ and I thought it was a good time to share my opinion on the ones I have, to help you choose whether you still want to pick a few up.

The Kiko Infinity Eyeshadows represented the first option available within the brand to assemble your own palette, picking the colors and an empty palette. The concept was brilliant and it is continued in the new release. However, the Infinity shadows come in a round pan with a thin black plastic case that "clicks" in place in the slots in the palettes, whereas the shape of the new ones has changed to a rectangle. This allows for a smarter use of space in a palette, but as a round-pan affecionada, I don't find the new eyeshadows as appealing.

The Infinity eyeshadows are meant to be used together with the Clic Palettes to make and easy and highly customizable system. However, a bit like the Ikea concept, only the Kiko shadows fit in the palettes and viceversa, the eyeshadow pans are not magnetized and they are not suited to be stored in any other palette.

Taking advantages of other discounts earlier in the year I ordered 9 Infinity eyeshadows and a 24 pan palette. There are about 90 colors to choose from and multiple finishes from matte to satin and the Infinity+ glittery shadows.

makeup, eyeshadow, swatch

makeup, eyeshadow, swatch

The idea of customizable palettes is a great one but unfortunately the formula of these shadows was not a great hit. The quality of the Kiko Infinity eyeshadows is not consistent through the finishes and colours. Some are nicely pigmented like the 207 Mat Papaya and 230 Satin Carmine, and others take more building up to reach full color. The most disappointing of the shades I have are 205 Golden Coral, 248 Starry Jarcanda an the Infinity+ 402 Chocolate. It took a good 4 swipes to get a good swatch and even though the colors are gorgeous, they don't show up on the eyes like this at all.

So in conclusion I would suggest you stop by a physical shop to swatch the individual pans since it is difficult to predict the performance. However, since they are on offer for 1.90€, there are three more in my shopping cart on the Kiko Milano website. I hope the new shadows have been re-formulated as well as re-packaged to have better quality over all the range of colors.

Are you going to try these single shadows or do you have a few in your collection already?


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