New H&M Beauty Department haul, swatches and first impressions

When my favorite clothing store launches a new beauty line, I cannot refrain from going to swatch everything and finally bringing home a few bits to try out! Taking advantage of 25% discount during the National Glamour Day, Fran from Being Cute is not a Crime and I headed to H&M and swatched it all! The whole line was great at first sight with very smooth and finely milled powders, pigmented blushes, buttery single eyeshadows, wide range of lip products and beautiful colored eyeliners. We ran out of space on our hands and were very good beauty addicts and bought only a few products each, with the promise to come back. Here are some swatches and first impressions of what I bought from the new H&M Beauty line, and you can find Fran's post here for more products and opinions.
EDIT: I had to write this post twice, because I went back to get a few more bits two days after the first haul. Oops, sorry not sorry.

Let's start with eyes. I picked up four products starting with the Aqua liquid Eyeliner in Afterglow (5.99€ here), a felt tip bronze eyeliner with just the right amount of sparkle. It is richly pigmented and seems to last well enough without flaking, but I still have to try on a windy day when my eyes water. There are many gorgeous colors that all looked of comparable quality to my beloved Kiko Super Colour Liners, especially a beautiful mint one that I will definitely go back for. 

On suggestion from S. at Drama&Makeup I wanted to try one of the Color Essence Eye Creams (5.99€ here) and got the shade Khaki Brocade, a beautiful khaki green (duh) with gold shimmer. The tester in the shop was extremely dry so the buy was a leap of faith, but once opened, the product has a mousse-like texture and applies very creamy and blendable. I wore it all day as base for powder shadows and I found it had creased at the end of the 12 hour day I had, but then again, everything creases on me without primer. Sigh.

Once I reached the powder eyeshadow isle I was lost. There are so many shades to choose from, both neutrals and bright colors. I fell in love with the High Impact Eye Colour (5.99€ here) in Ginger Snap, which was sold out everywhere and not available online. Luckily one of the girls was so helpful and offered to give me the tester for free, and as a good makeup addict, I took it home, sanitized it with alcohol, depotted it and welcomed it in the family of my z-palette. It may not be a full product, but I have yet to go through a whole eyeshadow pan as is, so no problems there. For those of you who are curious, the pan is the size of one from Nabla Cosmetics, therefore bigger than MAC or MakeupGeek ones. And in my quest to increase my green eyeshadow collection I also picked up Sharp as Mustard. Quite a unique shade that I will use a lot this fall. Regarding the formula of these powder eyeshadows, it differs from color to color. Ginger Snap is incredibly buttery and reminded me of Urban Decay and Nabla eyeshadows, whereas Sharp as Mustard is slightly dryer. Both are incredibly pigmented and gorgeous as you can see from the swatches above.

H&M Velvet Lip Cream in Screen Siren
On with the lips. I wouldn't be true to myself if I didn't buy some liquid lipsticks.The Velvet Lip Cream in Screen Siren (7.99€ here) is a gorgeous dark warm red that made me swoon immediately. The texture is smooth and velvety and dries quickly to a comfortable matte. I can feel my lips are dry (i.e. not wet) but they are not dried out or aggravated by the liquid lipstick. The only complaint I have is that the applicator is quite uncomfortable to work with and can result in a slightly uneven application as you can see in lip swatch, so I would suggest applying it with a brush for the optimal result. Regarding lasting power, so far I have only wore it in between meals and it lasted absolutely intact for 5 hours before I had to remove it with a cleansing oil. The next test will be taking it for dinner and drinks next time I go out. I'll keep you posted.

H&M Gossamer Lip Stain in Centre of Attention

The other lip product I picked up was the Gossamer Lip Stain in Centre of Attention (7.99€ here). I was convinced of my purchase the moment we tried to get the glossy swatch off of the hand: it left a stain on the skin that wouldn't go away with soap, tissues, anything. Poor Fran had to walk around all day with a hand full of stain swatches. The color is a gorgeous bright raspberry (that is incredibly difficult to photograph apparently) that goes on with like a high shine gloss, but when that wears out, the stain is imperceptible on the lips and very comfortable. I went out for dinner and drinks afterwards and it kept up quite well until I forgot I had it on and tried to put a lip butter on, then it crumbled off.

I was a bit doubting of buying base products because I am so picky, but after Kate from gh0stparties featured the Cover-up Concealer (5.99€ here), I decided to give it a try and bought the shade Soft Sand. The formula is creamy and blends very easily, perfect to use under the eyes. I haven't noticed particular creasing but I haven't tested it thoroughly yet, so we'll see how we get along. Since my local drugstore stopped stocking the Maybelline Fit Me concealer I'm on the hunt for my next favorite budget concealer. I'll keep you posted.

The last bit I picked up is the Pure Radiance Powder Blusher in Cherry (7.99€ here) that caught my eye for its deep berry color and incredible pigmentation. In the picture you see a swatch I did with my finger (on the left) and one blended with a brush (on the right). This is one of those blushes you need to apply with a duo fiber brush, a very light hand and blend blend blend. The final effect is absolutely stunning, perfect for fall and winter. 

I am really impressed by the quality of these products and I noticed while writing this post that all the products are Made in Italy. I will definitely pick up a few more pieces in the future. I aready have my eyes on one or two single eyeshadows and a beautiful burgundy cream eyeshadow, another liquid eyeliner and some other shades of the lip products I have. 

Don't forget to head over to Being Cute is Not a Crime to see what Fran picked up and her swatches and first impressions. There are more lip products over there!

Have you checked out the new H&M Beauty line? Which products have caught your eye? 


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