Hair Update: the Long Bob

Say goodbye to mermaid long red hair and make space for the LOB!
My long hair has been my signature look for the past 10 years at least and it was time to give it a cut! My "hair story" was actually one of my first posts on this blog (you can find it here and have a laugh with me). I always struggled with styling long hair, preferring the "let it be" approach, and to be honest, I was a bit done with the hustle to take care of it with constant masks and color washes to maintaining the hair bright red and happy (read more about it here and here). 

Before pictures and an inspiration pic from Pinterest

Therefore, in view of warmer months coming up, I started thinking about cutting my hair and asked every person I met (and posted about it on my Facebook and Instagram) because chopping off half of my hair wasn't a decision to make lightly. The responses were varied, but my closest friends were doubtful and my boyfriend threatened me (jokingly) to go live at a hotel until I grew my hair out again if I dared to cut it. But me being me, I decided to go ahead and cut my hair! Initially I wanted to make it a surprise to the aforementioned boy, while he was on a work trip, but eventually it didn't work out, too bad.

Pinterest LOB inspiration (clockwise: Source | Source | Source | Source )

I went to the hairdresser well equipped with inspiration photos off Pinterest and having read this great article from The Beauty Department. I asked for a long bob, clavicle length, maintaining my shaved side and the asymmetrical feel of the whole look. The result was exactly what I wanted, and Michael (the angel with scissor hands) added layers on the front to give extra movement and thinned the tips of the hair because I have lots of it and we wanted to avoid a "lion in the savanna" type of look.

I've been loving the hair so far! It is fuss free, it takes me way less time to wash and dry it, and my natural waves make it really easy to style (aka I do absolutely nothing).
So here's my latest update, let me know what you think of the hair cut, yay or nay?
Did you ever make such a drastic change to your hair?


  1. Lovely post <3

    Check out my new post at

  2. It looks really good on you! It was so nice when I chopped mine off, so easy to cut and wash! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  3. Your hair looks wonderful, Alice! xx Annabel (Rent :) )

  4. It looks great! I remember when I went from long to short hair I was so nervous! But I ended up loving it... then missing ny long hair. Lol so since then I've been growing it back out. Lol

  5. Hair looks lovely, really thick and healthy xx

  6. woww its a big discussion to chop off your hairs literally to this short :) you look pretty

  7. Oh wow I absolute love the long bob on you, it looks amazing x

  8. Your hair looks gorgeous and it fits you perfectly <3

    Pink Frenzy

  9. I love love love your hair sweetie. It really suits you and well done for taking the plunge



  10. Thou Shalt Not CovetJune 15, 2015 at 10:54 AM

    Your hair looks gorgeous at this length! xx


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