Where have I been? A personal update

As I checked the date on my laptop when sitting down to write this post, I just realized it has been all of 10 days since I've posted anything on the blog. Shame on me! I felt really lousy this evening and I believe it is the guilt of having neglected my beloved blog for so long. But I haven't disappeared from the world! You might have seen some updated from me if you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

After our ski vacation with my family and some friends in the Italian Alps, last week we moved into our new house and it has sucked up all my time and energy. We have been furniture shopping for the last two weekends and unpacking and organizing every evening after work, but we are oh so happy in our new nest. We moved from a two room apartment which was my boyfriend's bachelor pad before I moved in there last year. Finally, after spending way too much time in such a small place during the Christmas holidays, we decided to look for a new place and within two weeks we had fallen in love with this place. We now live in a three story pre-war house right outside the city center and it is absolutely perfect! I now finally have my own office/beauty room and walk in closet which are still in the making. I am planning to take a few pictures and writing up a blog post when I'm happy with the results and the sun shines for a few hours.

Makeup-wise I have been on a no-base streak after the ski vacation in which I wore little or no makeup. My skin felt so fresh and I loved letting it breathe so now I am keeping to it and using only a mineral powder to even out my skin tone. Together with some new skincare I have been trying, this is really helping my skin to reboot and clear up. More on these new bits will come soon because I'm really impressed.

Finally, today I might have found the hairdresser I trust to handle my hair from here to forever. I tried a salon next to the new house thanks to a recommendation from a friend of mine and I am really pleased of the result! The wonderful Mandy gave me a good consultation and together we chose on how much to cut (10cm!!!!!!!) and we planned to color my roots and add some dimension with highlights next week. I am so excited! I will post photos as soon as I get it done, because my roots are now just not pretty.

So here is a bit of what has been going on with me. With my beauty room almost done and having a desk again means I will be back at doing makeup, photographing products and all in all blogging. I feel so much better after sitting here for this half hour, writing here just makes me happy, so I will be doing more of it! One can never be too happy right?

I wish you a wonderful day and will go on with my day with a renewed smile on my face!


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! I'm glad you've had so many exciting things happening! :)

  2. Wopw you have been super busy! I hope we get to hear more about the new house x

  3. Thou Shalt Not CovetFebruary 19, 2015 at 7:31 PM

    Wow you have been busy! :D xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  4. Gosh you've been so busy. Your new house sounds perfect. Pleased you're back! xxx

  5. Eeek, I am excited for you and your beauty room! you have been very busy! Congratulations with the room. xxx

  6. such busy gal! Im getting ready to move and am stressing out about the time it will take :/

  7. Oh, I hope you will make some great memories in your new home :D



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