Christmas Haul! It's raining presents

Welcome back beauties and happy 2015!!
I had a wonderful break and reboot these past two weeks and really had time to rethink a few things and make some resolutions (dreaded word, I know) I really want to fulfill in the next few months! Now all refreshed and motivated, I wanted to show you all the awesome presents I got this year for Christmas! Of course a lot of makeup and skincare bits came along, so let's dive into it!

I received two skincare sets, the PAI Skincare Intensive Nourishing Facial Rosehip Set which contains the wonderful oil, a radiance mask and an organic muslin cloth. I really needed a new facial oil and the mask is just lovely! The other set is the Benefit Complextion Confections which include a full size It's Potent Eye Cream and Triple Performing Facial Emulsion together with deluxe samples of the Porefessional primer and Instant Comeback Serum. This was a request from my side and I am so excited to get to try some of this very talked about skincare line!

The makeup presents this year are also absolutely amazing! Let's start from the elephant in the room, the Lorac Mega Pro palette, This is a present from my marvelous boyfriend who heard me talk about this and whine about how impossible it was to get, so when it was available again on we just ordered it and I wasn't allowed to open the package fro 4 excruciating weeks (overly dramatic much?). Other eyeshadows that were a present from me to me are a few of the new Nabla Cosmetics Genesis Collection. I had a few of these already which I picked up this summer and I love the quality and the colors, I will post a review with swatches soon. Last makeup bits are from my work's giftcard which every year I spend in MAC products. This year I picked up a gorgeous brick red lipstick called Dubbonet and the Blot Powder in Medium and from first impressions, I'm obsessed with both, and (SPOILER) I might have found a powder that keeps me matte ALL day!!! More on this soon.

I had a great surprise from my boyfriend's sister who made me this incredible nail polish organizer herself, out of wood. How amazing is that! I can't wait to make space for it and display all my nail polishes on it. It was such a great surprise and I'm super happy about it! Another great present was the agenda from De Hommes et de Chatons from the friend who introduced my to this mouth watering blog! Each day you are greeted by a beautiful not-very-dressed man and an adorable kitten and the agenda is packed with theses day-lifting images.

And finally from my parents I received the FitBit Flex step and activity tracker which never leaves my wrist and is a great motivation to get moving again after the huge meals of Christmas (cries a little). 

I am super happy with all these amazing gifts and very grateful to all the friends and family who made these holidays away from home incredibly homey and lovely! And to finish up, here are some pictures of the two incredible dinners we pulled together!

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The first Christmas dinner we pulled off a 4 course meal mixing italian (crostini and lasagna) with dutch (stoofperen) tradition
The second dinner was instead a joint  effort to make the huge amount of gnocchi you see in the picture, just to finish with a red velvet cake.
And here are the cooks with a Michelin Star earned for the dinner :)


  1. Wow you have some amazing prezzies, the Lorac Pro palette is top of my wish list! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  2. Lovely pics and so many awesome goodies. Enjoy :)

  3. Ohh you got such lovely gifts! ^ ^

  4. Woo looks like you had a really lovely Christmas! So many great gifts too - I love the nail polish organiser, it's so lovely that she made it for you! x

  5. The Lorac palette looks amazing and I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the MAC powder!! Such a lovely gift from your boyfriend's sister, too :)

    Jess xo

  6. I am so jealous that you managed to get the Mega Pro for Christmas! It's amazingggg xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  7. The Nail Polish Organiser is fantastic, wow x

  8. Love your Christmassy photos - it looks like you got lots of lovely presents.


  9. You got some great presents! (:

  10. OMG!! The LORAC Mega Pro is total love! How cute of your bf! xx

  11. Great presents! love the nail polish holder.


  12. oh my. that lorac palette is just oh wow. i need it

  13. That Lorac Pallette looks incredible! great presents you lucky lady! it seems like you had a wonderful Christmas!

    have a wonderful 2015 xxx

  14. Oh those presents, they are amazing and that Lorac palette.... I want!!!! Also that nail polish organiser is the best one I've seen! happy new year hun xx


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