Beauty and Lifestyle Favorites: October 2014

Happy November everyone!

My birthday month is over but I am still incredibly excited with the beginning of autumn. We're still having some days of great weather here in The Netherlands, but nothing can stop me once I got my dark lipstick mode on! More on those will come in a further post, since there is not enough space on here today to share with you the beauty products I loved this month AND my obsession for dark lipsticks. So let's get into it.

Starting from skincare, I've been using the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo + since September and my skin loves it! I am cursed by hormonal breakouts on my chin. They come from deep within and leave horrible dark spots when they decide to come out. I use this cream only on my chin morning and evening and it really helps to reabsorb the breakouts and heal the skin leaving with less and less marks in time. I am genuinely impressed.

Over to makeup, my most used eyeshadow (excluding the usual medium browns of course) this month, and possibly the next ones as well, is Bitten by Maukeup Geek. I raved about these eyeshadows before (here), and I always have a standing shopping cart full of shadows on my wishlist. Bitten is the perfect mid tone burgundy shade that matches my hair and is not too dark to wear during the day. You can see it in action in this look applied with my next favorite, the Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush. The perfect shape to blend shadows is the crease, soft bristles and an affordable price. 

Going along more dramatic eye looks and dark lipstick, I like to boost my contouring in the colder months and I found the perfect compact that does it all. I am talking (again) about the Kiko Daring Game Sculpting Powder Duo. It contains two shades of bronzer placed on top of each other which is just the perfect to apply a darker contour and blend that contour with a lighter bronzer. One stroke, one brush, easy peasy!

For base I have been continuously loving the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream, a great base for any time of the year, but perfect for this transition period when I want a bit more coverage than in summer, but not full-on foundation face. I keep loving it.

My last and definitely not least favorite is my new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4" which was my surprise birthday present from my wonderful fiends and boy friend. I've wanted a tablet for a while, to be able to blog on the go, keep up with social media and just enjoy reading my favorite blogs on the couch on a decent sized screen. Still I never expected to receive it as a present and I am incredibly grateful to all those who contributed to make it happen. You guys are amazing!

On this note, I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments below what were your favorites this month!


  1. Nice post and nice picks... I have yet to try this 123 CC cream by bourjois... And oh yes that RT eye brush, its on my wish list for soooo long. Hope to get it soon :)

  2. I am yet to try Kiko products they sounds great though! I think may have to give in.


  3. Love this! How amazing that you got that galaxy tab for your birthday!!! I have bitten from makeup geek too and it's a beautiful colour and totally autumn appropriate! xx

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  4. I really want to try myself a CC cream, I think I'm gonna have to buy one next time I'm in town! :)
    I love all my Real Techniques brushes!

  5. The tablet is lovely! I really want to try that cream, I have started getting some horrible hormonal break outs on my chin too so might try popping that on it! x
    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

  6. Some lovely picks! I have my eye on some make up geek shadows.

    My favourites are here if you wanted to have a nosy!

  7. I love reading monthly favorites. The CC cream looks nice

  8. Lovely favorites! I love this Real Techniques brush too! Its amazing! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  9. I love and hate the Bourjois CC cream, I think it depends on my mood, some days it is brilliant and others it is awful x

  10. The Real Techniques b rushes were one of my first ever 'blogger purchases', still love them!

  11. I like the look of the Galaxy tablet, I have a Samsung phone and it is alright, I need to upgrade.

  12. nice post and great picks i am yet to try CC creame .... and i love my samsung galaxy S5 :)

  13. Great picks, I so want a tablet. I think that may be my christmas gift to myself this year ;)


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