A KIKO haul

Ah, if there's one thing that works on me are emails with discount codes, so when Kiko's Halloween discount came in, together with discounted shipping, just around my birthday last month, I couldn't help myself and ordered a few goodies. 

I'm a big fan of liquid liners so I picked up three of the Kiko Super colour eyeliners in 104 Dark Slate Green, 107 Blue Majorelle and 110 Pearly Regal Purple. I see myself using theses a lot, can't wait! More on the same vibe, I got the Color Kajal in 104 Red, which is more of an orange to be honest, kind of disappointed in that, I was looking forward to getting a red pencil, but I'm degressing. From the Daring Game collection I then added the Mistery Smokey Eye Pencil in 6 Powerful Burgundy to my stash. I just love the color and will be the perfect smokey eye base.

Now the next buy was enabled by a british beauty blogger I follow, don't remember excatly whether it was Lily Pebbles or Anna of VDM. She compared the Kiko Precision Eyebrow Pencil to the Anastasia Brow Wiz, and since I'm slightly obsessed with brows, I though it was a great product to try. It is a very very thin pencil with a small comb on the other side and comes with its own sharpener because it won't fit in any for your normal sharpeners. I got the shade 03 Auburn and Redheads and I'll let you know what my thoughts are, I'm very curious. 

Last makeup bits are three Nail Lacquers in the shades 322 Caffe Latte, 370 Hazelnut and 324 Dark Chocolate. Not much to say here, I love Kiko's nail polishes, they're very affordable and I didn't have any brown toned nail polishes so I got myself both warm and more cool toned ones.

Since a few skincare bits were 50% off, I also got myself the Winter Sunscreen SPF 30 which is quite a smart contraption. The cream comes in a tube and in the cap you have a small balm for lips and eye area. Brilliant and perfect for my ski holidays in January!

So that was all I ordered from kikocosmetics.eu, shipping was only 3€ and it only took a bit over a week to arrive. Lovely service.
I hope you enjoyed the haul! What are your favorite Kiko products?


  1. Che begli acquisti :) Anche io ho gli smalti 322 e 324,e sono perfetti in questa stagione !!!
    Mi incuriosisce molto il Winter sunscreen spf 30 XD

  2. I've actually never used anything by Kiko before but I love the shades of those nail polishes! :)

  3. Oh wow I'm very jealous.. I've never tried anything from Kiko before xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. Ive never tried anything Kiko, though the store is amazing, it is just always packed full with people x

  5. I wish I lived near a Kiko Store xxxx

  6. Those color eyeliners looks like some amazing stuff x

  7. I haven't tried KIKO makeup really want to though.


  8. I am hearing so many good things about this brand that I am really tempted to try them!

  9. I have few Kiko products and adore them! I need to place a order with them soon :) These nail polishes look perfect for fall! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  10. Great haul... I so wanna get my hands on Kiko water eye shadows...they look super gorgeous.. Enjoy ur new goodies :)
    The Lipstickholic

  11. I really like the look of the coloured eyeliners, that blue! wow!

  12. You did great haul, never tried any thing from KIKO, will be looking for some soon :)

  13. I love the sound of the purple liquid liner, I love coloured eyeliner :) The nail polishes are really lovely shades, too!

    Jess xo

  14. Great Haul Alice! I have a post about Kiko coming up tomorrow, none of these products however. Like the look and sound of the super liners x

  15. kiko is such a raved brand these days. i have yet to try these products ... would love to see nailpolish swatches

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined


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