My new jewelry box with Stackers

I am a bit of a control freak and with it comes some degree of obsession with organizing.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very comfortable in sitting on the couch while my apartment is a mess, but somethings I just like to have nicely ordered and displayed. On of these things is obviously makeup, and I have showed you a few bits for that here, and the other is jewelry. I went through multiple setups but nothing ever spoke to me like my new Stackers jewelry box.

I found these at V&D during the mid season sale and immediately fell in love. As you can imagine from the brand name, you can create your own personalized jewelry box by stacking different sections on top of each other according to your needs. All the boxes come with a very sleek faux leather finish and a velvet interior and you can pick between a few different color combinations, I chose the white exterior with light grey interior. Regarding the setup, you have a choice around 4-5 different pieces depending on where you get them. 

The ones I  have are the top lidded one which contains 2 bracelet/necklace sections, 5 medium sized sections which I use to keep some earrings, rings and my Swarowski necklace, and one section with a padded insert which is perfect for studded earrings and rings. This piece has a sturdy and heavy lid with a button closure with the logo of the brand, it feels very elegant to me.  The other section I have is the deep one without dividers and here I keep my chokers that are too big to fit anywhere else and I don't like to hang them.  

The different sections fit on top of each other very well and don't "wobble" at all, making it an elegant and practical jewelry box. Simply perfect for me!!
Now of course I have my eyes on the other sections in the collection but I will have to order those online since the availability in store here is not the best. On my wishlist are the 25 section, the other ring/bracelet section and the deep 3 part section.

You can find these in store at V&D or on their website, and on Amazon for those outside The Netherlands. You can find the single sections for around 15€ and a complete stack for 60€.
What is your solution to store your jewelry? Have you ever heard of Stackers before?


  1. I love boxes like this with so many compartments and its pretty too!

  2. This is a really lovely box, I like that it has so many compartments x

  3. Ah this is a great box :) I just throw mine in altogether then get annoyed when it ends up tangled - oops!

  4. Oh that's so pretty!!! I sometimes throw everything together and regret that move later, this one would definitely help keep my trinkets better. :)

  5. This looks so nice and seems very affordable :)

    Pink Frenzy


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