Sephora Formula X The System: review and 7 day trial

Sephora Formula X The System
Good morning beauties!

Finally back to blogging after two crazy weeks! Work is ridiculous right now and the weekends are getting more and more busy but that's the beauty of a full life! In my holidays in Italy at the end of July I went to Sephora and ended up picking up only one thing, the Sephora Formula X The System. I heard so much about this line of nail polish and of how amazing it is that I couldn't help myself.

Sephora Formula X The System: Nail Cleanser, Base Coat and Top Coat

The Formula X line comes with a wide variety of colors and finishes, but since my nail polish drawer is overflowing, I decided to restrain myself to the 3 step System. This consists of Cleansing, Priming and Shine steps.
After removing previous nail polish and filing my nails down as usual, I swept my nails with the Cleanser solution. This is a mixture of ethyl acetate and isopropyl alcohol, which are two key ingredients in your everyday nail polish remover, but applied with a brush allow you to clean your nail more precisely. This step will make sure there is no grease on the nail bed that can prevent proper adhesion of the base coat. The next step is to prime with the base coat which has a nice easy to apply thin consistency. Two coats of color later comes the top coat, a thick gel-like formula that protects your manicure and give long lasting shine.

Sephora Formula X The System 7 day trial

To be honest I was blown away by this combo! My nails were perfect for at least 5 days and really needed to be re-done only after the seventh day. Even then, there were only a few chips on the tip of the nails of my thumb and middle finger.  

A really great combination for those weeks when you don't have time to do your nails during the week. I definitely recommend the set. You can find it at Sephora for 29,90€.
What is your go-to system to have a long lasting manicure?


  1. This sounds like a great system, not that I ever wear nail polish for that long as I have to take it off for work! It'd be great for if you're going away though, or like you say, if you don't have time to do your nails during the week. Great review, really good to see it through the week :)

    Jess xo

    1. thanks jess! I still cannot get around the fact that you can only wear nail polish in the would break my heart!! I don;t know how you do it! respect! :D

  2. :o a bit too expensive for me but it sounds amazing!

  3. This sounds like a brilliant system, despite the price x

  4. Great nail system, I hate chipped nails and having to re do them all the time.x

  5. I really want to try the Sephora formula X, wish they would ship to the UK.


  6. wow! Anything that can keep polish on my nails for that long im gonna NEED!!!!
    I normally make sure i use nailtiques formula 2 as this strengthen my nails and ALWAYS use a base and top coat...but this is intriguing! Might have to try and hunt one out in the uk!

  7. This does sound great! Most polishes chip after a day or two so the fact there was only minimal chipping after 7 days is great! pleased you're getting back into the swing of things hun x

  8. Wow, I dont think I;ve ever managed more than 2 days without chips with any polish! :)

  9. Bloody hell that's impressive although I'm not much of a nail gal and wouldn't spend that much on polishes haha

  10. That is awesome that the polish lasted that long. I can't seem to find one that last long on real nails. I', going to give this a try! Thanks for sharing!


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