Italian summer haul part 1: NABLA eyeshadows

Good morning beauties!
I just came back from holidays and can't wait to share all the bits and pieces I got in Italy! 
First things first, I spent an amazing 2 weeks showing my better half the city I grew up in and all the things that make it special to me and let me tell you, all is even more special when you rediscover your hometown as a tourist! We weren't blessed with the best of weather all the time but still enjoyed every minute of it! We stayed at my parent's house and were utterly spoiled by amazing lunch and dinners from my mom. No use in saying I came back with a few kilos too many but after all who wants to be on a diet while on holiday in Italy!? I don't! So amazing food, beautiful places, lots of love from those who mean the most to me, the perfect holiday!
Of course while I was there I made sure to pick up some beauty related bits that I cannot get in The Netherlands and got to the check in at the airport on the way back terrorized I might have to leave something behind (which didn't happen hihi)! 

I seized the occasion and had made an order over at Nabla Cosmetics for some of their new eyeshadows and them delivered at my parents' to save on shipping costs. 

The brand Nabla Cosmetics is quite young and was started by makeup artist and youtube guru Daniele Lorusso with a great philosophy for cruelty free and vegan products at good prices and incredible quality! Recently they released a new range of eyeshadows in the Solaris Collection and I couldn't help myself from picking a few up from those and some of the other colors in the previous collections.
I got 6 eyeshadow pans and they came with a free palette to put them in, very smart and handy from them! Here's the shadows I got:
  • Glitz: a medium bronze-gold, not too warm, I still need to figure this one out.
  • Rust: a bright mid-tone rust, gorgeous and fits well with my skin tone;
  • Tribeca: a deep brown with delicate pink and bronze reflections, gorgeous!
  • Lazy Days: peach color with gold micro-glitter, it is a bit too light to show up on my skin tone but is a beautiful subtle highlight!
  • Aphrodite: amazing corally-rusty red that is just my perfect color.
  • Cattleya: satin magenta purple with warm undertones and bluish reflections, one of a kind, I could not resist it even though I have no idea when I'll use it.
NABLA eyeshadow swatches, left to right: Glitz, Rust, Tribeca, Lazy Days, Aphrodite and Cattleya

And here are the swatches. You can see how beautifully pigmented they are and they apply very buttery and smooth. Definitely up there with my Urban Decay eyeshadows! And did I forget to mention? They're only 6.50 euros per shadow pan and ship internationally!
The palette they come with fits 6 pans and is magnetic, perfect to travel and bring your staple shadows with you and to store your makeup safely and where you can see what's inside.
I definitely recommend you to check them out if like me you cannot resist some well made eyeshadows, in a pan, that fit in a magnetic palette!!!

Did you know Nabla Cosmetics? What color do you like the most?


  1. OMG these are so gorgeous! <3 I think I need these shadows in my life too! xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  2. They are amazing! I love the purple one, I think I know when you are going to use it, maybe together with the peachy one ;-)

  3. These look so good, the shade range is excellent! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  4. These are gorgeous, I love the look of Lazy Days and Cattleya! Glad you had a good holiday :D

    Jess xo

  5. I've never heard about the brand but it has some stunning shades! I love Rust, Tribeca, Lazy Days!


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