A fresh start Part 2: working out and a weight and fitness tracker

Health City's XCO workout with my fav instructor Joyce!
Hello beauties!
Last week in Part 1 (here) I explained a bit my weight loss attempts, my new resolutions and a useful tool to keep the eating in check. But things don't happen overnight and a healthy diet alone won't get me where I'd like to be. The trick is always to combine eating responsibly and working out! In the end you weight loss depends on (calories in - calories out) so the more you workout, the more calories you consume! Simple math isn't it?!

I work out 2 times a week at least and prefer working out in an aerobic class and am a regular at the XCO lessons in my gym Health City. XCO is a great workout that focuses on working on the core muscles such as abs and back without forgetting arms and legs. I love the fact that you can tune the intensity by using different XCOs (heavier or lighter). This keeps me moving and trains my muscles with music, getting me to burn approximately 460 kcal per lesson. I track the calories with a heart rate belt from Polar (here) in combination with my Nike+ app on my Ipod Nano (here). This combination is also very useful on those days when i go running, aka when the weather and my knee allow it. I use the pedometer that comes with Nike+ and the app on my phone and Ipod to track speed and heart rate and trail. 

Weight and fitness tracker

A new addition to my life is the Weight and Fitness tracker section of my planner. I designed it myself and am extremely happy with it! Here I record my weight every day and how I felt that day (hungry, low on energy, etc.) and then on a monthly sheet I write down when I worked out, what I did and how many calories I burned. I just started this method and I might be a bit obsessed, but these things make me happy and it is really helping me to keep motivated and moving. I also decided to start a reward system, giving myself the permission to buy one high end item each time I reach one of my weight goals. Next goal is going to get me Lady Danger lipstick from MAC!

Update week 2: Lost 2.2 kg and not starving myself at all!!! I am really happy and impressed with my own will power. Hopefully I'll behave well next week when I'm home alone every evening. Fingers crossed!!!

Do you use any tracking system? What is your favorite workout?


  1. Great job Alice! I'm really bad when it come of working out :) At first I'm motivated to do a workout, but then I go on vacation and I never get back on track :( I wanna do next month a vegan diet where I stop eating all sort of meat and milk products and also no bread, maybe I will keep the fish this time in my menu :) Good luck with your workout :) xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  2. Congrats on your loss, that's fab!!
    It's so important to find something you enjoy when it comes to exercise, it sounds like you've got it down :)

    Jess xo


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