Summer Essentials: Beachy Waves

Good morning beauties!!

Beachy waves seem to be everywhere again with stars showing effortless messy manes that look like they just came back from the poolside. And I get jealous so I went to get myself the new L'Oreal Studio Line Wave creating Spray and give these expensive salt-water combinations a go. Boy was I surprise!!!

You spray this in towel dried hair, twirl the hair around your fingers and scrunch it a bit and you're done! Whether you let your hair air dry (which is what I do) or you use a blowdrier, you end up with beautiful messy waves that didn't take hours do do! Amazing I tell you!! Just check out the photo below and excuse the total absence of makeup, it was a "give your skin to breath" day. Looking at the ingredients, the magic seems to come from the dispersion of magnesium sulfate (the powder climbers use on their hands) in water that works as texturizing micro-powder. It works with the same principle as the powders used to give volume to the roots like the famous Osis Dust It mattifying powder.

My beachy waves using the L' Oreal Wave creating spray
In the same line they had also the L'Oreal Studio Line Volume Texturizing Spray which is instead a product to use on dry hair from roots to tips to give overall volume and texture to the hair. Another great product, however I don't use it on my roots because I don't like the feeling of product there. Again the magic comes from the calcium carbonate in the aerosol that clings to the hair.

So I finally found hair styling products that I love and use often!!
Have you tried any of these salt sprays? What do you think about them? 


  1. Wow your hair looks lovely! I'm having a jealous moment :D I wanna have a long hair too ! :) Great post! I need to try out some of the products you mentioned. xo's

    Pink Frenzy

  2. Your hair looks so lovely! I love that beachy wavy look to my hair :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. Your hair looks beautiful, I love beachy waves.


  4. Your hair looks lovely like this, and it's so long and thick <3

    Jess xo

  5. love this! your hair looks amazing

    from helen at

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