Guest Post: Top Products for Oily Skin

Hello, readers of Alice’s Beauty Madness! The lovely Alice was looking for guest posters while she’s on her jollies in Italy, the lucky girl, so I offered to write about my favourite products for dealing with oily skin – hopefully this is something you’ll find useful, especially in the warmer summer months!
I didn’t really realise I actually had oily skin until I started blogging; I’d always assumed my skin was “normal”, which couldn’t be further from the truth! I can cleanse my face of a morning and without any make-up on, the oil on my skin is visible within a couple of hours. This obviously means that when I do wear make-up, it’s quite difficult to keep it in place on my skin, and shine starts to show through within an hour or two. These are some of my favourite products for helping me deal with these problems!

I know putting oil on oily skin sounds counter-intuitive, but it works really well for me; I love cleansing oils, and this one from The Body Shop works nicely to lift dirt and make-up away from my skin of an evening. I find that by not drying out the skin with harsh cleansers, the nourishment of the oil helps to reduce how much sebum my skin produces. Exfoliation is an important step for the oily-skinned, as the excess oil can cause dead skin cells to ‘cling’, leaving your skin looking dull. Another Body Shop product, this Microdermabrasion cream contains Vitamin C for added brightening and it smells gorgeous! You could also try an exfoliating toner if you’re not a fan of manual exfoliation; this is on my ‘to try’ list. I’m currently using Skinetica as a toner since oily skin is often prone to blemishes due to pores becoming clogged; I’m still in two minds over Skinetica as it worked brilliantly for the first week or so, then seemed to become less effective, but I’m sticking with it for now to see how I get on.
If you have oily skin, you might be tempted to skip moisturiser, feeling it’s too heavy for your skin or unnecessary – trust me, oily skin is just as capable of being dehydrated, and it’s important to do your best to keep it hydrated or you risk it producing even more oil to compensate! I really like The Body Shop’s Seaweed range and this Clarifying Night Treatment is a lovely lightweight gel texture which doesn’t feel greasy at all, just moisturises my skin beautifully. I also like to use an oil, for the reasons mentioned above; this Trilogy Rosehip Antioxidant oil is absorbed easily and my skin is definitely less greasy by morning when I use this compared to moisturiser alone! Finally, I like to use a good clay mask two or three times per week to help draw out impurities from my pores; another Seaweed range product from The Body Shop, this Ionic Clay Mask really helps to calm my skin and leaves it feeling softer and looking clearer.

When it comes to applying make-up, primer is an important first step for me to try to anchor my base to my skin and prevent it slipping away. My two favourite primers for mattifying and smoothing my skin are Pop! Beauty’s Face Magnet and The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Pore Minimiser (can you sense a Body Shop theme here!?), both of which help to prolong my make-up’s staying power. In terms of foundation, try to find something designed with oily skin in mind, I’m currently using Revlon’s ColorStay Foundation which seems to last pretty well. It’s also important to use a powder to set your foundation and help it last a little longer; I alternate between Collection’s Loose Powder and ELF’s HD Setting Powder, both of which I apply in a stippling rather than swirling motion with a large powder brush. I tend to top up my powder a couple of times throughout the day to help keep shine at bay.

So, those are my top products for keeping oily skin under control! I hope you’ve found them helpful and I’d love to hear if you have any tips or products you think work wonders for oily skins J

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