Guest Post: Crown Brush Blush Palette Review

Firstly you may have guessed from the title that I'm not your usual blogger! Well let me introduce myself to you. My names Julie and I blog over at JustJulie if you haven't come across my blog before, I write about all things beauty related, so if you stop on by be sure to say hello! Anyway.. Alice has written a guest post for my blog and asked me if I wouldn't mind writing one for her too, as I've been following Alice for a while now, I of course jumped at the chance!

Anyways let's get straight into the review!

I went to IMATS London at the end of June and to say I bought a few bits would be an understatement, I bought a lot which you can see just HERE One of the products I picked up from IMATS was the 10 Colour Blush Palette from Crown Brush. Up until now I have never used anything from Crown Brush, so seeing as this was discounted, and the fact I love blushers (and all things makeup) how could I not pick this up?!

Firstly the packaging is a gorgeous slim line black palette, it's very sleek and sits perfectly on top of my dressing table. It comes complete with 10 blushers. This literally has every colour most people will need, from bright pinks to summertime corals all the way to a bronzed colours, which are ideal to contour with. It has a mixture of matte and shimmers, which is great as sometimes I don't want to have a shimmer to my blusher. Depending on my mood and what makeup look I'm going for, this palette has everything I need, and it only costs £14! That's £1.40 a blusher... total bargain!!!

The pigmentation is really good too. Some of the shades you literally only need to slightly dab your brush into the pan and the brush is already fully loaded with lot's of gorgeous pigments! They wear and last extremely well, I have oily skin and haven't noticed any of these starting to fade away throughout the day

Some more budget friendly powder blushers can be a little chalky, so I was expecting to have to tap off the excess before applying the blushers, but that's not the case at all. These aren't chalky at all, which is so rare for cheaper cosmetic brands. With it not being chalky, it also means that I shouldn't be hitting pan on any of the colours to soon, as I won't be using too much product.

My favourite shades out of this palette are the first three colours on the top row from your left and the bottom 3 colours on the bottom row from your left too. I wish they had names as it would be easier to talk about the shades, but they don't, and really it doesn't matter, it would just have been a nicer touch to the palette.

As a whole I think this is a MUST have blusher palette. The colour selection is everything you need and the price is amazing too! It's now made me want to try out more cosmetics from Crown Brush.

Anyway that's it from me. I hope you enjoyed this review. As I said at the start, if you'd like to stop on by over at JustJulie then you can go HERE or check out my social media platforms just here >>>
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