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My vanity before the Madness began!

Time for another tag! This time something more on the makeup collection! I found this tag on Serena's blog and thought it was a great tag to do, so here are my answers to the questions!

  • What is the oldest item in your collection? I think that the BH Cosmetics 120 eyeshadow paletted (1st edition) is the oldest products I still have it in my collection. I bought it back in 2009 and still love to use it for colorful looks.

  • What is the newest item? I just bought the other day the Essence All About Matte powder and the Essence Big Bright Eyes pencil (Benefit Highbrow dupe?). Inexpensive and working good for now!!!

  • What is the most expensive item?  I am definitely a big spender in makeup, but I prefer to research and buy cheaper but more products. All this to say that I don't own very expensive items, and the most expensive of them all has to be my Naked 2 palette.

  • What is the cheapest/most affordable item (that you use a lot)? Definitely the ELF Eyelid primer. For 1€ it is unbeatable! 

  • What is the biggest bargain? I think my best bargain was buying the Lorac Pro palette from Buying in dollars with minimum shipping fees made it a moderate expense compared to, for example, the Naked 2 palette. I use it every day I wear eyeshadow and absolutely adore it!

  • What was the biggest waste of money? MAC Face and Body, I never use it because it has too much of a dewy finish. Sad. I even got the large bottle (for some unknown reason). I'll give it another try this summer.

  • What product have you bought but forgotten about? MAC Pro Longwear Concealer for sure! I remember being super excited when I started using it but then I was super annoyed by the fact that a minimal pump of product is WAAAAY too much for my needs. I hate wasting such a good and expensive product. So I forgot about it (as if that is less of a waste........)

  • What product is good quality for money? I find the Catrice blushes and eyebrow pencils are great  quality and for the price they are really unbeatable.

  • Three products you've been loving at the moment? The Body Shop bronzing pearls and the KIKo Long Lasting Eyeshadow Stick (sooo waterproof!!!!).

So here are my answers! What are yours? If you feel like it, consider yourself tagged to do the Makeup Confidential Tag and leave me a comment with your link!



  1. This is a fun little tag :) Loved reading your post! I'll gıve it a try once I'm back from Turkey :) xo's

  2. Ooh this is a fun tag, may do this soon! I hate pump products that are wasteful :(

    Jess xo

  3. I don't really like too dewy finishes either. :( Great tag!


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