Essence Big Bright Eyes: the brow lifters!

Good morning beauties!
This morning I wanted to show you this little find from the drugstore that really made my day!!! Ever since my workshop at Benefit (read more here), where I had the chance to try their High Brow pencil, I wanted to find an affordable option that would highlight and help lift the brow bone. Especially on those days in which I don't have time to take out my eyeshadows, it is so convenient to use a pencil to highlight the brow bone and help the eyes look more awake! 

Strolling absentmindedly in Kruidvat recently and noticed some new bits in the Essence booth, among which these three beauties. They are called Big Bright Eyes and come in 3 colors: Highlight it... Nude,... Pearly and ... Funky. Nude is a light matte pink that is perfect for everyday wear both as a brow highlight and in the waterline for bigger and brighter eyes (lol). Pearly is a pearlescent pink which is beautiful to highlight during the evenings and give your look a new dimension. Finally Funky is a golden toned shade with purple opalescence. I find this shade a bit more difficult to use on a day to day basis but it does make a nice funky touch to those more colorful and acid looks.

The pencils are buttery and easy to blend. Only down side is that they seem to go on a bit patchy in the waterline but I have no complaints actually. Oh have i forgotten to mention that these are only 1.99€ against the 21€ you need to spend in Benefit's High Brow??!

Overall I am very pleased with this little find and would definitely recommend it!
Have you tried Essence products? What is your favorite?


  1. I was checking out Essence in Kruidvat the other day, but I don't remember seeing these. Need to go back :) Thanks for sharing :) xo's

  2. These look like a great alternative to the Benefit product, sounds like they're perfect for the browbone! :)

    Jess xo

  3. They sound like a great dupe for Benefit :)

  4. I love essence. you can always find something nice and cheap but still with great quality!
    I haven't tried these pencil (yet!) but I love many of their products :)

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  6. These look brilliant and really pigmented!!

    Carly @


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