Catrice Defining Blushes: review and swatches

 Good morning beauties!
I never write much about blushes, but I find that I cannot leave the house without popping on some color on the cheeks. So today I'd like to introduce you to the blushes from Catrice, which are my daily fix for a colorful cheek.
The Defining Blushes come in six different shades (here) ranging from a soft rose tint to bright pink and coral. The packaging is clear hard plastic, sturdy and protects the product well. It might not be the sleekest or elegant, but does the job well and doesn't feel cheap at all.

I own four of the blushes:
  • 030 Love & Peach, matte warm orange shade
  • 040 Think Pink, a warm almost coral pink
  • 050 Apropos Apricot, a peach with gold shimmer, beautiful as highlight as well
  • 070 Pinkerbell, cool pink/fuchsia.

They are super smooth and the powder is very finely milled which makes them buttery to apply. You have to use a light touch because y\they're extremely pigmented, have you seen the swatches? Ridiculous!
I really adore them and use them every day. My favorites are Love & Peach and Think Pink, the most pigmented of the bunch and the ones I wear the most. I find Pinkerbell to be not as pigmented as the others and since I am not very fair, I use Apropos Apricot very lightly as a highlight for that (wannabe) bronzed goddess look.

I really recommend these blushes for quality and price. You can find them at Kruidvat in The Netherlands and other drugstores in Europe for 3.59€.



  1. Ik heb ook een blush van Catrice, erg fijn!

  2. These are so pretty! Think Pink is my favourite :)

  3. Wow, what a great price for a fab looking product! I like Pinkerbell best :)

  4. 50 is my kinda shade!! Love the colors!

  5. These all look like beautiful sahdes! I've not tried any Catrice products yet but am always reading good things about them :)

    Jess xo

  6. Hey Alice, I nominated you to do this tag thing called Liebster Award. It's on my latest post! :)

  7. Wow, these look super pretty :)


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