Summer on your Eyes Part 2: Sea blues and greens

I am one of those girls that go in full-on color mode once the sun comes out and the weather gets a bit warmer, and yes, I even dare the blues! I find blue a beautiful color to wear, especially flattering for brown eyes and a tanned skin.

Here is how I achieved the look:
I started with the NYX Eyeshadow Base in White to make sure the colors show up bright and vibant and then started to define the crease I use my usual Taupe from the Lorac Pro palette as a transition shade. Then I started layering the color: from the Sleek Caribbean Collection Curacao palette I used a light blue (Blue Hawaiian) in the inner third of the lid and the deep turquoise (Green Iguana) on the outer third of the lid. Then to increase the depth of the eye I blended darker coppery shades in the outer V (Inglot 56, Lorac Pewter). To soften up the look I used a shimmery light green (Inglot 412) to transition from the crease towards the brow which I highlighted with a matte cream color (Lorac Cream). Underneath the eye I blended the darker green from my Inglot palette (n.405). 

Sleek Caribbean Collection Curacao Palette
KIKO Pigment Loose Eyeshadow 29
Finally it's time for the protagonist of this look which is the KIKO Pigment Loose Eyeshadow 29. This is a gorgeous teal pigment with a beautiful shine to it. I applied it on the center of the lid with a flat eyeshadow brush that I had spritzed with The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist and this made the color pack on strong and bright, especially since I had left the area clear from other shadows. Taking care to blend the edges with the rest of the shadows is the last step after which I put on my new L'Oréal Super Liner Gel Intenza to get a wing and finish the look.

For the rest of the face, I prepared my base as described in the first installment of this series (here), the orange side of my new gradient blush from Essence and the L'Oréal Caresse gloss in 200 Princess. 

I wore this look on a sunny afternoon and loved the brightness and colors.
Do you wear colorful shadows? Which combination is your favorite?


  1. I love the super bright palette, and you really pull off that look! Now it's almost summer it's lovely that we can start wearing bright colours and get away with it, great post! :)

    Frankie x

  2. I love the look of the Sleek palette! I only own one but they're lovely :)
    This is such a pretty summery look :D

    Jess xo


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