Newbies from KIKO: mini reviews, swatches and look

Hello lovely ladies!
For those of you who follow me for a while, it is no secret that I love the brand KIKO Makeup Milano. Their products range from makeup to skincare and are great quality for an affordable price! A bargain! I hauled and reviewed some other of their products here and here. As many other makeup brands do, they often come out with new limited edition products, the ones out at the moment are two: Boulevard Rock and Life in Rio.

If you have seen my latest posts, you might have the suspicion that I got a little crazy for green, and it might be is true. This slight obsession translates in clothing, eye makeup and of course nail polish. In their latest limited editions KIKO made a great job in fueling my crazy and starting from the eyes here are the products that make the cut.

Swatches: 1: KIKO Skinny Fit Kajal 02, 2. Skinny Fit Kajal 03,
3. Tropical Waterproof eyeliner in 03, 4.Colour Shock Long Lasting Cream Eye Shadow in 107,
5. Long lasting Stick Eyeshadow in 04.

First are the super long KIKO Skinny Fit Kajal in 02 Glam Sea Green and 03 Progressive Turquoise (4.80€ here). These pencils are supposed to be used in the waterline, but since nothing stays put there with me and it just makes me cry (true story), I just use them as eyeliners on my upper and lower lash line. They are both super pigmented and buttery, so they don't tug on the eye when applying it so all in all love them!

For the next product I had a bit of a mishap with the choice of colour. I got the Colour Shock Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow in 107 Inspiration Emerald (5.50€ here). Honestly I thought it was a lighter shade from the website but anyways, this is a gorgeous dark teal cream eyeshadow that feels like a mousse to the touch but once it's on it sets super fast and stays put, seriously forever! It is beautiful alone and as a base for the powder eye shadows.

One of my longest lasting quests is the one for the perfect waterproof eyeliner thanks to my crying eyes (see above) so when I saw the new Tropical Waterproof Eyeyliner (7.90€ here) from the Life in Rio collection, I couldn't help myself but picking up the shade 03 River Turquoise. This is truly a beautiful color and when I swatched it on my hand and then tried to wipe it off with a wet tissue, it didn't budge. So my hopes were high. However (dreaded word), when applied on my eyelid it took ages to dry during which I had to make sure it didn't touch my upper lid. When it was finally dry, it felt constantly tacky and not completely comfortable. Still, it didn't budge all day and I keep using it despite the "however"s.
Swatches after going over with a wet tissue. Let's talk waterproof!!!! 
Last for the eyes another great waterproof product are their Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadows (6.90€ here). For this product I chose to pick the neutral 04 Golden Brown and stray from my green/blue obsession in favor of something I can wear everyday. In fact these sticks are perfect for a quick swipe of color on the lid, a bit of blending with your fingers and you're good to go!
I wore this look the other day using the Colour Shock Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow in Inspiration Emerald on the lid and the Skinny Fit Kajal in Glam Sea Green on the lower lashline. On my nail the Denim Nail Laquer in 463 Evasion lawn Green

Finally over to nails, my new obsessions are:
  • Denim Nail Laquer in 463 Evasion Green (2.50€ here), a beautiful green with a demi matte effect. The finish is matte and feels silky to the touch, but to keep it you cannot wear a top coat, which reduced the life of the polish to a mere 1 day (sigh);
  • Nail Laquer in Mint Milk (2.50€ here) this beautiful mint-green has become my favorite nail color and got me many compliments from (random) people at work and in shops. With the Sally Hansen Insta Dry top coat it lasts me up to 5 days.

KIKO Nail Laquer in Mint Milk

So that's it for my obsession for green and blues and the new products from KIKO which fuel my craze and make me very happy!

What is your favorite product from KIKO? Something I should try?


  1. OMG these looks so pigmented! I love the makeup look you did <3 gorgeous! I only own few shadows from Kiko, but I love all the products I have :)

    Pink Frenzy

  2. Love the colours, the nail varnish is so nice. KB xx

  3. I haven't tried Kiko before but I really want to! I love that nail polish shade x

    Telina | Love, Telina


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