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 Hi beauties!
Another tag today: I have been tagged by the gorgeous Laura from Pink Frenzy to do the Lip Product Addict Tag. This was started by Amelia Liana and Essie Button on Youtube (here) and has gone viral ever since, because honestly, who of us isn't a lip product addict?!?!
So let's get on with it!

Favorite balm/treatment?
During the day I use The Body Shop Aloe Lip Treatment, which is a thick gloss-like texture that stays put for a long time and is a real miracle worker when it comes to dry lips, and boy do I have dry lips (sigh). That's why in the evening I then resort to the Labello Repair & Beauty lip balm before I go to sleep.

Best eye-catching red? 
I love the brightness of my Maybelline Superstay 24h Color lip stain in 510 Red Passion. It is a true red that just screams pin up! Apparently I couldn't get a proper picture since the light was a bit weird, so it looks orangy, but it definitely isn't in person! I swear! 

Swatches of the Maybelline Superstay 24h Color in 510 Red Passion
and MAC Diva

Best luxury & best drugstore?
As much as an addict I can be, I don't feel like spending too much money for a lipstick that I will wear once or twice a week, so I mainly stick to drugstore lipsticks. One exception is MAC lipsticks of which I own only one but I'd love to own them all!
My favorite drugstore has to be the Maybelline lipsticks (Vivids) and 24h lipstains.

Best MAC lipstick?
As I said, I own only one, Diva, a dark red that I adore in autumn and winter. It is seriously stunning!

Most disappointing?
Maybelline Superstay 14h Lipsticks are supposed to give a matte color that lasts (guess what?!) 14 hours. BS I say! These go in the creases of my lips like crazy and crumble rather than fade leaving the lips dry and unhappy.

Lip liner yes or no?
I am definitely one for lip liner when wearing a bold lip, especially red. However, at some point a couple of months ago, I got annoyed at having to have a different liner for almost every different lip color I own, so I went out and bought the KIKO Invisible Lip Liner and solved the problem. This goes on the outer perimeter of the lips and prevents the color from feathering in the fine lines. 

Best lip gloss?
Hmm, difficult question. I'm not really one for lip glosses, probably because all of the ones I tried were sticky and the feeling just annoys me so much! So no favorite lip gloss for me, no lip gloss at all actually.

All my liquid lipsticks

Something extra: my liquid lipstick obsession.
This question is open for everyone to personalize and I want to dedicate it to my obsession for liquid lipsticks and stains. I'd say 50% of my lip collection is liquid lipsticks, 30% traditional lipsticks and 20% the jumbo crayon type of product. I just love long lasting products that I don't need to touch up after 2 or 3 hours and liquid lipsticks and stain are the way to go for me! My favorite ones are the Maybelline Superstay 24h Colors, the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets and the Rimmel Apocalips.

So here's my tag! 
I tag all of you reading to do it if you're a lip product addict and leave the link below in the comments! I am always curious to read your favorites!



  1. You've given me some great suggestions to go out and try! :) That's a shame that the Maybelline Superstay didn't live up to it's name though. Lovely post!

    Frankie x

  2. Diva looks lovely!! I need to get round to doing this tag, too :)

    Jess xo


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