The hair savior: dry shampoo!

Batiste Dry Shampoo as applied
Another hair care post, this time about the greatest (not so) secret product that gets me through the days in between washing my hair: dry shampoo! Since I have colored hair (duh) I try to wash my hair as little as possible, trying to go 2 or 3 days in between shampoos. This not only prevents my color from bleeding out on me, but also trains my hair to be a little less oily at the roots. In fact, the more you wash your hair, stripping it from its natural oils, the more your scalp will naturally produce more oil to restore the balance. Makes sense right? So I try to wash it as seldom as possible. Still, who wants to go around with greasy hair or a ponytail all the time! So I resort to spraying some dry shampoo in my roots when I see the situation needs it.

My second day hair needed an intervention!
The general procedure is: spray in roots sectioning your hair, let it rest of 2-3 minutes, then comb or use a towel or your hands to get rid of all the excess powder. The result is de-greased hair with LOTS of volume (yes this is the bonus!!). What's not to love? 
Many brands at the drugstore make dry shampoos and in general they are an aerosol of white powder that on dark hair leaves some grayish cast that is quite ugly to be honest. In my recent trip to London though, I came across the greatly praised Batiste Dry Shampoo dark & deep brown. So instead of being a white powder, this turns dark brown once worked in, which is just invisible on my hair! I found my perfect fit! The only thing I would suggest is to work it in with a towel or comb and not with your hands, unless you want them to look as if your managed barbecue coals.

Do you use dry shampoo? Which one?


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