CC creams: L´Oréal Nude Magique vs Bourjois 123 Perfect

Bourjois 123 Perfect CC cream and L'Oréal nude magique anti-redness CC cream
Hi girls!
For the past few years we have seen and heard a lot about BB and CC creams, miracle makers etc. I fell victim of the hype and have tried my share and I have to say I am definitely sold. For everyday use, I cannot bother wearing foundation and these are a great solution. Today I want to review the two CC creams I own. CC stands Color Correcting creams that cancel out uneven skin tones or patches.

The first one I ever got was the L'Oreal Nude Magique CC Cream in the anti-redness formulation. There are an orange anti-fatigue and a purple anti-dullness versions. I personally suffer from some rosacea and my cheeks turn bright red so i wanted to see if this cc cream would help me. From the swatches you can see that it comes out as a green fluid, but when rubbing it onto your skin the pigment particles rupture and it turns into a skin tone cream. The texture is very light and it helps to even out the skin tone leaving your skin looking as if you have nothing on! I wore it all summer and the only thing I was not super happy was that it did nothing to control oil, but that's what primers are for after all! 

I recently purchased the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream and this one contains 3 different types of pigments to counteract different defects: apricot as anti-fatigue, green as anti-redness and white against dark spots. It claims to give 24 hours of hydration and has an SPF 15. This CC cream comes in different shades like the foundations and I was lucky to pick a good one while buying it online. The coverage is higher than for the L'Oreal one and still it feels like you have nothing on your skin! I like it a lot and I find it give the perfect amount of coverage for everyday use and you can still apply it with your hands. It definitely feels very hydrating and nourishing on the skin. This version also doesn't help with a shiny t-zone but I use powder to set my concealer so this helps a lot.

Swatches: Bourjoius CC cream on the left, L'Oréal CC cream on the right
The same CC creams after spreading them on the skin

So overall I like the Bourjois CC cream better for its coverage, moisturizing feeling and SPF.

Do you use BB or CC creams? Which ones are your favorite?



  1. I've never tried a CC Cream, they're next on my list

    xx Liz

  2. I love Bourjois face products! Great post :)

    Pink Frenzy

  3. I wish we had these lovely products in the states. They looks great! I love your blog too! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog.
    I Am THE Makeup Junkie

  4. I haven't tried either BB or CC creams! I need full coverage, and I've never thought they'd work well for me! ♥b

    Brittany's Secret


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