Glitter nails!

KIKO Digital Nail Lacquer in 442 Techno Black and 439 Cyber Red on a base of Rimmel Ruby Red
Holiday season is over, but the glitter nail trend definitely isn't! Glitter nails are all in this winter and in my recent Italian haul I bought two glitter nail polishes from KIKO, one black-purple and one red.

Worn alone you need a couple of layers for them to show up at all, but as top coat they're amazing!!! I really like the red glitter on a red base nail polish (my favourite is Rimmel 60 seconds in 320 Ruby Red) and I prefer the black glitter on a more cool-toned base such as black, blue or purple.

They go on very nicely and the glitter is gorgeous!!!
Overall a very good product! You can find them here or in a KIKO store.

And you can use them in many different ways: all over the nail, only on your accent nail, on the tips for a gradual effect, as nail art! The possibilities are endless!! 

To be honest, only tiny disadvantage is the amount of time and acetone you need to remove them, but of course there's a trick! You can either soak the nails with cotton pads for 30 seconds and then the nail polish will be removed normally, or you can buy a peel off base coat! Not really a big problem :)



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