The Lips Stain that Changed My World!!!

Yes, I know that in my previous post not so long ago, I declared I was madly in love with my Maybelline Super Stay 24h Color, but unfortunately my beautiful red 510 got lost somewhere in between my purses or during the move. So I had to hunt for a substitute and ended up looking in a new makeup shop in Trieste, Wjcon.

The solution is their Lip Tattoo!
It comes in 5 colors ranging from nude to fuchsia to red. I have number 05, which is a bright red, but will definitely go back to the shop to check out the other shades!

You start off by applying the liquid stain base and letting it dry for a minute or two. On top of that you should apply the lipstick side (yes it's a funny shape, I know).

The feeling is definitely soft and hydrating compared to the other lip stains I'm used to. The lipstick makes sure your lips won't dry out and it feels good!

Let's go to the important part: the wear. I tried it on on an evening out with friends where I was out between 9pm and 2am talking, drinking and over all just having fun. First thing I noticed was how there were no marks on my glass the whole evening. And that's great. I haven't tried the kissing test yet, but this is a promising first test: passed!
I checked in on my makeup around midnight to see if I needed any touch ups, and amazingly my lips were still fire red as I had last seen them before going out! It had been 3 hours and no visible fading!
Finally at 2 am I got home and I actually had to remove the lip color with my cleansing water!

I am incredibly pleased with this discovery and want more shades, so I'll go pick them up for sure before leaving for The Netherlands!



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