Under-eye circles: be gone!

Before and after I apply the concealer
Today I want to talk to you guys about a great resource to look bright and awake even if you didn't get much sleep the day before. I'm talking about using concealer under the eyes. Some of us only get dark circles when we don't get enough sleep and some of us have bags no matter what we do (skincare, rest, cucumber slices..).
The idea is to pick a fluid concealer that is 1 shade lighter than your skin tone and apply it in a V shape under the eyes. There is a common mistake that people make, which is to apply the concealer right under the lash line because it is the spot where the darkness is more visible. However, to make the correction effective, we need to blend the concealer from the eyes towards the cheekbones and back towards the temples, therefore a V shape is the best way to go. The you can take your favorite synthetic brush (the one i use is the Real Techniques Buffing Brush) or your ring finger and dab the concealer in to make it sink in the skin.

Sometimes the concealer can end up creasing and highlighting the little wrinkles in the area. This can be caused by the formulation of the concealer itself or simply by our skin getting a bit oily during the day. To prevent this we can use setting powder (like Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder)  to help keep everything in place and our makeup looking perfect all day.

Regarding products, you can find concealers, highlighters and correctors on the market. 
  • Concealers have a heavier coverage and should be bought one shade lighter than your skin tone. an example is Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (my favorite).
  • Highlighters give very little coverage and will just give the illusion of a lighter complexion under the eye, helping in sculpting the face. Examples are L'Oreal Lumi Magique Highlighter Pen and Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Complexion Highlighter.
  • Correctors are pigmented with different colors to counteract specific problems. For under eye dark circles, the perfect corrector is a peach-yellow color (from Color Theory). These are especially good for people with severe coloring. There are different brands producing these products for all pockets. Two examples are from Make Up Forever and Catrice.

Concealer, highlighters and correctors mentioned, of course there are many more!
There's something for everyone! 
I could not go without my concealer. I can skip the foundation and wear only concealer and mascara if I'm in a really big rush! 

Do you guys use concealer under the eyes? Which ones are your favorites?


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