Review: Catrice Wet Shine Stain Lip Laquers

I had posted a couple of days ago about the  new Catrice Thrilling me softly Limited Edition. I finally got myself to buy a few things and the items I am most excited about are the new Wet Shine Stain Lip Laquers because I love putting on lipstick once and having it last a very long time.

They come in 3 colors:
  • 01 Innocent: a bright pink
  • 02 Thilling: a true red with blue undertones
  • 03 Fatal: a darker red with purple undertones
I got the last two and am very very happy with them!

They come with a sturdy applicator that collects enough product for one of the lips and go on quite well. As with all lip stains you have to be very careful not to make mistakes because they are very difficult to fix. 

The stains apply very glossy but during wear the gloss fades and you're left with a beautiful vibrant colors that lasted on me perfectly until I took it off for dinner.

02 Thilling
03 Fatal

My recommendation would be to use a lip pencil to help drawing precise lines and to prevent them to bleed out from the corners of the mouth.
Another positive feature is that they don't feel drying at all, contrary to some other lip stains I tried.

Overall I love them and wear them all the time now!!!!


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