My night time routine: how to remove makeup and skin care

One of the most important factors in achieving beautiful makeup looks is to start from a healthy and clean skin. One of the biggest factors that ruin our skin is not cleansing it properly after a long day. In fact we are exposed to all sorts of bad substances such as dirt, smog, humidity, etc. Finally, cleansing properly is even more important if we wear makeup! A recent survey showed that 1/3 of women admit to not taking their makeup off before bed! 
In this article you can see how a crazy woman decided to sleep for a month in her makeup and damaged her skin dramatically, looking 10 years older and with serious redness. It really shocked me! Who hasn't gotten home after partying all night and just crashed in the bed without taking anything off really..I know I have. But I also know I wouldn't do it ever again and am very careful to take as much care of my skin as possible.

I have developed an evening routine which I feel leaves my skin clean and nourished overnight and want to share it with you guys.
On normal evenings I start by taking off the most of my makeup off with makeup remover wipes, I use the ones from Etos formulated for sensitive skin, but any wipes are good, even baby wipes will work. These will take care of the lipstick and eye shadow as well, but keep in mind that if you have sensitive eyes, you might want to avoid that area.

Afterwards I go in with my favorite micellar water, the Sublime Soft water from L'Oréal, on a big cotton disc. This step will take off the rest of the makeup off your face (you will be surprised of how much is still there after the wipes) and will take care of waterproof makeup as well, such as mascara and lip stains. Another option is to use a gel cleanser, rub it in your skin and wash it away with warm water.

Now it's the time to tackle the stubborn mascara that is usually still clinging to my lashes even after all these steps. For this I use a specific eye makeup remover again from L'Oréal on a cotton disk and I hold it over each of my eyes for 30 seconds approximately rubbing gently, so that the product will melt the mascara and take it all off. The ultimate resource if you have tried everything and are still left with raccoon-eyes in the morning is to get an oil-based makeup remover and apply that on dry skin and rub it thoroughly to break down all the makeup.

All this cleansing sometimes leaves my skin a bit red or irritated, so I with go over my whole face with Rose Water on a cotton disk. It is a calming tonic that will also take off any residue of the previous cleansers I used. I can really feel the freshness it leaves behind and the calming effect right away.

Now it's time for skincare, I start by treating problematic areas or blemishes with a spot treatment (Formula 10.0.6 Rescue Me Blemish Care) which contains anti-bacterial compounds such as salicilic acid to help prevent blemishes and clear the skin. After this i will apply a serum, such as L'Oréal Skin Perfection correcting serum which helps to balance the skin and achieve even tone and texture. You can find many serums for sale, pretty much for any type of skin condition you want to treat. These will be fast-absorbing and light in texture.

It is now time for an eye cream, because the under-eye area is characterized by thin skin very prone to dehydration and needs special care. I apply Garnier UltraLift for eyes in dabbing motion under the eyes at some distance from them, approximately on top of my cheek bones because the cream will migrate in the needing areas and I will avoid irritating my eyes.

Finally I put on my face and neck a thick moisturizing night cream (L'Oréal Youth Code) which will treat my skin all night leaving me in the morning with soft and hydrated skin.

Ready to go to bed!


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