Battle of the face shapes

Today I wanted to discuss a bit about face shapes. From a makeup point of view, it is important to observe and analyse your face shape so that you will be able to apply shadows and highlights in the correct places. This is called Contouring, but I will come to that in a future post.

There are many many variations of face shapes, because everyone is unique, but for practical purposes I will divide them in 4 main groups: oval, square, heart shaped and round.
    Oval face shape
  • Oval face: this shape is thought to be the ideal face shape. It is very harmonious and has no sharp edges. The proportion between lenght and width of the face is approximately 3:2. The widest point should lie above the ears/cheekbones. Good examples for this category are Emma Watson and Jessica Alba.
    Long and thin face
  • A sub category of the oval shape is a long and thin face like you can see in Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker. This shape is simply a stretched oval where the proportions will be altered and the widest point with be smaller than for and oval face.
    Square face
  • Square face: this face shape is wide, but angular. The hairline is wide and straight and the jawline pronounced. Good examples here are Angelina Jolie and Olivia Wilde.
Heart shaped face
  • Heart shaped face: also called "inverted triangle", this face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and a smaller chin. It is common for peapole with a hear shaped face to have a widow's peak as well. Good examples for this shape are Jennifer Hewitt and Reese Witherspoon.
Pear shaped face
  • Pear shaped face: if you flip the proportions of a heart shape face, you will obtain a wide jaw line and a smaller forehead. A clear example is Minnie Driver.

Round face
  • Round face: a round face is often confused for a fat one, but it is definitely not true. As you can see in the case of Kirsten Dunst and Ginnifer Goodwin, a round face is not only thin but also will keep you looking younger while you age. 
Diamond shaped face
  • Diamond shaped face: just like for a round face, here the widest point lies at the same height as the ears and it is fairly wide. From this point towards the hairline and the chin the lines go smaller and more angular. Great examples are Halle Berry and Ashley Greene.
So do you guys know what your face shape is?


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