Weekend in the mountains inspiration: no-makeup look and new L'Oreal Eau de Teint Nude Magique Foundation!

I just came back from a weekend in Luxembourg making music and it was amazing!

One of the things I enjoyed a lot was not wearing any makeup! My skin felt amazing, no need for long evening routines to get mascara off! Don't get me wrong, I still love my morning half-hour at my vanity table!
So this morning I decided to use my vanity-time to make it look like I wasn't wearing any makeup!

I also discovered a new foundation that really feels like I'm not wearing anything on my skin! I am talking about L'Oreal's Eau de Teint Nude Magique Foundation, I am in the shade 140. This is amazing! It is really liquid and best applied with your fingers, but leaves a very nice velvety finish and it will uniform your complexion without looking like you put foundation on at all! Of course it will not cover break outs or discolorations, but there's concealer for that! i have combination skin and usually half way through the day my foundation breaks down in the center of my face and I need to touch up and powder, this foundation instead lasts on me for a very long time and doesn't leave me shiny by lunch time! So overall I love love love it!

After a good base of foundation, I added concealer where needed (sigh) and under my eyes (I'm still recovering from the weekend, so dark circles helloo), powdered up with my Rimmel Stay Matte and used a pink natural blush color, with no sparkle or sheen, since I wanted to look naturally flushed.

For the eyes, the trick is using a light cool brown eye shadow in your crease to add some definition to the eye and a creamy color (matte or shimmer) on the lid. This will leave a very natural look with a little bit of character. However I could not leave it to this and put a little bit of pencil eyeliner to intensity the lash line. 
I find that no matter what look I go for, I always want to fill in my eyebrows and even out the shape and color, to give the eyes a groomed frame. Lately I am using the Rimmel eyebrow pencil in Hazel and love it!

Finish up with mascara, some lip butter and done!

So finally, if you are a no-makeup girl but feel like there are some areas of your skin that are acting up, consider trying the new L'Oreal foundation, you can find it at you drugstore and for the girls in The Netherlands, it's on sale with 40% off at Etos.



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