The journey begins!

So I started a blog. Yeah, I know, crazy!
I'll start by telling you a little bit about me to start with:
My name is Alice and I'm a 26 year old makeup-oholic. I am originally from Italy and am now living in The Netherlands striving for my PhD degree in the field of Organic Solar Cells.
I have always loved to experiment and use crazy colors using eye makeup, and then finally a couple of months ago it hit me! I started following all the gurus on youtube and compulsively buying makeup every time I set foot in the city. Spending every morning more and more time on perfecting my makeup and experimenting with new looks not always the most suitable to go to work. I have to say I'm lucky on this side: I wear glasses. This used to be my curse in high school. I hated my glasses! But now, they are a very good way to "tone down" my looks to make every look work-appropriate! Plus they lift my eyes and complement my style perfectly! Totally loving the glasses now! :)

Enough with the wabbling, I recently started studying to gain more insight and technical knowledge in the world of beauty and makeup I am so passionate about and start practicing on other faces than mine.
Here we get to the reason for this blog. I want to share with you my journey towards (hopefully) becoming a makeup artist.

So here we start!


  1. YEAH!!!! GO ALISSSSS!!!!!!

    un blog sul trucco???? Tomaz lo adorerà!!!! :)

  2. hehe gia' ;)
    thanks for the support :)


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