E-shopping: where to buy bargain makeup online

For us makeup hoarders, one of the worst things is looking around town and in the drugstore finding only the usual brands (L'Oreal, Maybelline, Essence, etc) or walking by the MAC counters and drooling over items we can't afford. My solution to this was some online research to get makeup from brands that are not available in stores in the Netherlands, but are really popular and have great reviews in the UK or USA. You can get great bargains and mostly the shipping costs are contained compared to what you would play if the items were shipped from overseas. So here a couple of my favorite websites where I buy my makeup (in no particular order).
  • feelunique.com: this website is based in the Channel Islands (somewhere between UK and France) and has amazing prices on drugstore brands (Maybelline, L'Oreal, Rimmel) and holds also all the high end brands (Benefit, Bare Minerals, Stila, etc). You can find makeup, perfumes, hair products, skin care, pretty much anything!Shipping is free internationally and quite fast.
  • boozyshop.nl: this is probably my favorite site to order from because it holds a lot of my favorite brands, like Sleek, BH Cosmetics, Wet n Wild, MeMeMe and it is where I buy my Z-Palettes to contain all my de-potted eye shadows. The shipping is available internationally and free to Belgium and The Netherlands. Shipping is really fast and packaging sturdy.
  • beauty88.nl: this website is similar to boozyshop, but the variety of brands and products is just a little bit limited. Shipping to The Netherlands is 5 euros.
  • Elf (Eyes Lips Face) : this is the brand website for The Netherlands and Belgium. The Elf products are very cheap and some of them are really good. I personally recommend the Studio line brushes, blushes and powders (I'll do a brand review soon). Shipping to NL is around 5 euros again.

I hope this will help you guys to find some great deals, and I apologise for causing any credit card to weep for the expense ;)

Until next time!


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