Drugstore Lip Stains Review: can we have kiss-proof lipstick?

For a long time I didn't want to use lipstick. Many of you will be like: "what's wrong with you!" But I hated that it would transfer on anything (or anyone) my lips touched (and my boyfriend hated it as well), plus I like to look all day like I looked in the morning when I just get out of the house.
My whole world opened up when I discovered lip stains! 
The idea behind this product is to have ultra-long lasting no-transfer lip color. Seems like the perfect deal to me! 
So I went and bought one of each color I would want to wear and tried out different brands as well.

Starting from my favorite ones:

Maybelline Super Stay 24h Color will stay on you all day and got me through some intense nights of dinner and clubbing. The come in a double-sided package with the stain on one side and a lip balm on the other. You really need both because the stain will dry your lips a lot, but stay on for a very long time with no transfer at all (aka it's KISSPROOF!). I have them in the shades:

  • 185 Rose Dust, a beautiful nude-pink shade;
  • 460 Infinite Coral, a coral-orangy  bright shade, I ended up using it a lot during summer;
  • 510 Red Passion, a bright blue-toned red lip, of all it is my favorite color to rock in the evenings.
Lip Stain Swatches
Wijcon Make It Long Lasting Double Gloss comes with the same double-ended principle with a stain side and a clear lip gloss on the other. I bought this in Italy from the new shop they opened and really wanted a bright pink color (704). However, this formula didn't stay very long and was way too glossy for me. Using the stain alone made me feel like a sticky mess for a long time and it didn't dry to a long lasting color as the Rimmel ones.

Elf (Eyes Lips Face) Lip Stain in Lucky Lady, was another miss from the long-lasting power, but the color is a very natural peachy color that will look amazing on most skin tones. These also come with a clear lip gloss on the other end, but since I don't like to have sticky lips, I don't use it.

Rimmel Apocalips in Galaxy, was the most recent buy (see the feelunique haul post) and I love the dark rose color. The staying power is good and it doesn't dry out your lips as much as the others.

KIKO Double Touch Lipstick another stain-lip gloss duo with medium staying power. Over all not exceptional but not bad at all. I have the shades:
  • 102 a beige natural color
  • 103 a pink natural color (it became chunky after 1 year I own it, I will have to throw it out)
  • 112 a dark red that I really love
Max Factor Lipfinity in 185 Sultry. This lip stain comes in two separate tubes, the stain in one and a lip balm in the other. I like the formula and the fact that it comes with a balm to battle the dryness of the stain.

So here it is, all in all my favorite ones are the Rimmel 24h lip stains for staying power and i don't mind them making my lips feel dry because then I just apply the lip balm that comes with it.
My favorite night combination is to use the Rimmel 510 Passionate Red first and on top of that the KIKO 112 darker red to have a nice deep color.

I hope this is helpful to those of you who don't like leaving lipstick marks on your boyfriends and still be able to kiss them. :)
Talk to you soon!


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