Brushology PART 2: eye makeup brushes 101 with Zoeva brushes

Here we are with part 2 of Brushology talking about eye brushes and their uses. If you missed the first part with all the face brushes, check it out here.

7. 227 Soft Definer brush: this brush has very soft natural bristles that make it the perfect blending brush for soft makeup looks.

8. 228 Crease brush: this tapered soft brush is built to be used to contour the eye and the crease.

9. 234 Smoky Shader brush: this brush has a round flat shape that is perfect to pack the eye shadow on the lid for an intense color. It can be used to achieve deep smokey looks or popping colors.

10. 231 Petit Crease brush: as the name suggests, it is a smaller tapered brush that delivers precision to add depth in the outer "V" of the eye.

11. 230 Pencil brush: this even smaller tapered brush can be used to reach all the areas of the eye, especially the lower lash line, achieving a perfectly blended smoky look

12. 317 Wing liner brush: for the perfect flick! This thin angled brush will give you the control and precision to achieve a clean line that makes any girl feel and look sexy.

13. 238 Precise Shader brush: this little guy is made for all the fine work that make a flawless eye look, perfect for detailing.

14. 321 Brow Comb: this guy will tame your brows and brush them in place. It comes with natural bristles but you can find synthetic ones as well. We all know a groomed brow is the frame to the face.

   15. 315 Fine Liner brush: with  this really small brush you can frame you eyes with a very thin line close to the lashes or intensify your look building up your eyeliner. Perfect to use with gel eyeliners or eye shadow.

And there we go, the final run through the main eye brushes.

I want to underline how important it is to have good quality brushes, and I don't mean you should spend hundreds of euros for a set. Zoeva and Real Techniques are my favorite and will give you high quality brushes for a good price. And to make them last: take care of them! Spot clean your brushes right after use with a dedicated product and deep clean them weekly with baby shampoo or other delicate soaps to get rid of all the bacteria and at the same time moisturize the bristles to keep them soft.

Hope this was useful, and to next time!


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