Brushology PART 1: face makeup brushes 101 with Zoeva brushes

Zoeva's complete brush set
It's Sunday and it is time for some learning! 
Since I work during the week, I use the weekend to study my beauty and makeup subjects. And here is something I would like to share with you guys. In part 1 I will explain some general thing and go through the main face brushes, in part 2 I will show you eye brushes and their use.

First things first, brushes are a very important tool for anyone who wears makeup. You can have only a few of them and already create full looks or have hundreds and never have enough. The important thing is to know what each one of them was designed for and how to use it. Many brushes also have multiple uses and can be fun to experiment with.

To start, we look at the materials of which the brushes are made of. The bristles can be synthetic or natural hair. As a general rule, we will use synthetic brushes for cream and liquid based products because they are easier to clean and will not soak up too much product. On the other hand, we will use natural hair brushes for powder based products.

For practical purposes I will show you Zoeva brushes which I love and have a great quality/price figure.
Zoeva face brushes
Starting with face brushes:
  1. 106 Powder brush: this fluffy and soft brush is ideal to apply any loose or pressed powder to give a silky finish to the skin. The bristles are vegan, which means that no animals were harmed in retrieving them.
  2. 104 Buffer brush: this is a synthetic flat head kabuki brush and is perfect to apply both liquid and mineral foundation. Buffing brushes will give you an airbrushed flawless finish, almost independently from the foundation used. I prefer to use flat head brushes to apply mineral and powder foundations.
  3. 102 Silk finish brush: another foundation brush, slightly smaller than the 104 and with a round top. I personally pick this one to apply my liquid foundations because it is dense and the round top helps to get in all the features of the face (around the nose,..).
  4. 110 Face Shape brush: this is a smaller version of the 102 brush and is prefect to contour your face precisely (hence the name). I personally use it to contour the nose area which needs precision, but use something like the 127 brush to contour the cheeks because it is easier to blend with.
  5. 142 Concealer Buffer brush: again a smaller version of the round top buffer to be used to blend concealer or corrector under the eye. The synthetic bristles are extra soft and delicate for the under-eye area.
  6. 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek brush: this blush brush has the most amazing natural bristles and the angled cut makes it perfect to apply precise powder blush, highlight or contour.
Here we go, with these 6 brushes you can achieve a flawless skin whatever your choice of product is.
Let me know what your favorite face brush is.
See you in the second part for the eye brushes!


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