Natasha Denona Circo Loco palette dupes and redesign

It is no secret that I love myself a good Natasha Denona eyeshadow palette, especially a colorful one. However, this latest Circo Loco palette was a big disappointment and I decided to stay well clear away from it. So here's me doing what I love most: diving into my single eyeshadow collection and finding Natasha Denona Circo Loco palette dupes. If you're up to hear me blab about it, check out the Youtube video below.

Colourpop pressed eyeshadows – Swatches and comparisons with Makeup Geek

Originally posted on 28 Feb 2017 Single pan pressed eyeshadows are my weakness, I collect them, I love them. Now that I’ve said that, you won’t be surprised that I’m coming to you with a review and swatches of the new Colourpop pressed shadows . Colourpop launched over 30 new pressed eyeshadows in January promoting it as their biggest launch yet. I picked up quite a few in the meantime and have been using them non stop, so here I thought it was about time to talk to you about them.  The first launch consisted of around 30 pressed shadows and the pre-made palettes. I have filmed both a first impression get ready with me ( here ), as well as a more in depth review and swatch video ( here ) on the 12 shadows that I picked up from that round. Of course, in typical Colourpop style, there have been two other launches since, one of the Valentine’s Day Collection (10 shades, swatches and review here ), and another on Valentine’s Day itself, consisting of another 10 shades in beautiful tones of

Nabla Skin Glazing and Skin Bronzing swatches

 Since their first release last year, the Nabla Cosmetics Skin Glazing formula has been my favorite highlighter and luminous blush formula in my collection. When they released the two new Skin Glazing blushes together with the new Skin Bronzing range in Summer 2020, I couldn’t resist. Check out the video of me trying them out back when they released. The original Nabla Skin Glazing formula is a thin, finely milled luminous powder that feels very firm and hard pressed in the pan. These are not powders with immediate high pigmentation, but rather ultra thin washes of color and light that melt in the skin, giving a lit from within glow. This still holds for the new Skin Bronzing powders. The new shades of Skin Glazing blushes instead are less luminous than the original Truth and Adults Only, and they are more pigmented. I still like the formula very much, but I am not a fan of of the fact that both new shades are pinks. Nabla Skin Glazing Lola The new Nabla Skin Glazing Lola is a pinky co

Tammy Tanuka swatches

Tammy Tanuka (Sigil Inspired) is a russian indie brand that sells mostly loose pigments, but recently started selling pressed eyeshadows too. In this post you will find Tammy Tanuka swatches of my whole collection up to December 2020. These are all loose pigments that I pressed. If you are curious how, check my video here. Tammy Tanuka eyeshadow swatches In my video you can find a commentary on all the shades individually, but let’s get to the swatches. These are made with my dry finger on primed skin. Since these are originally loose pigments, they need some help to adhere to the skin. They do specify it also on their website. Tammy Tanuka swatches Neutrals: The temptress, Enchanted by his treasures, Mother to the cubs, Bedding of the bride, Invulnerable air woman, She who awoke the ancient dragon, Mother nature Tammy Tanuka swatches: Redheaded mentor, Dragonrider in the sun, Dragonrider of the hunt, Keeper of a heartbeat, The naughty novice, She who keeps the secret of the green flam

Kylie Jenner Valentie's Day look

Ah the day of love, pinkness and hearts. Valentine’s Day has never been a particularly important day for me but somehow every year the first two weeks of February are all about the pink makeup. I naturally tend towards plummy shades and this year I want to share a Kylie inspired Valentine’s Day makeup tutorial. I absolutely loved this photo of Kylie Jenner on the Instagram, promoting the launch of the Kylie Cosmetics Valentines Collection, and decided I wanted to attempt the look on my channel. This intense plum smokey eye is definitely up my street and a makeup look that I would wear on a date without thinking twice. I also really love the detail of the little heart on the cheekbone, such a cute hint to this holiday, though I wouldn’t actually wear that outside the house. I struggled in this look to keep the smokey eye quite close to the eye itself instead of extending it towards the temple, as I have been doing lately and which helps to correct the hood of my eyes. However, the origi

Audible review

I have always been a book-worm and there are some books I have been reading recently that I want to share with you guys. It’s not beauty, but it is a huge part of my life that I wanted to share with you guys. Welcome to the first book edit, where I introduce Audible and give you my Audible review, information, tips and tricks. Ever since I was a child I loved reading of elves, magical creatures, wars and history. Naturally some of my favorite books of all time are fantasy and historical novels. Reading for me is a way to transport myself in a different world where everything is possible. Since moving out from my parent’s home, I left behind my big library full of my beloved books and switched over to digital, starting with a Kindle and even taking it a step further. During my university years I used to spend my lunch hours and sunny days at the beach with my Kindle reading and relaxing but that blessed time has past unfortunately and I moved to cold countries and started working. Audib

TKB Trading Hilite collection swatches: Kat von D Alchemist palette dupes

It all started when the   Kat von D Alchemist palette   was released in December and the whole discussion that followed of it being small and not that different from the   Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild palette . In makeup groups on Facebook I read how for $1.50 you can get the starting products to make the exact same highlighter shades by buying micas at   TKB Trading . Obviously I made a substantial order and set myself to make my own Kat von D Alchemist dupe highlighters. To dupe the Alchemist palette, I decided to pick up the  Hilite collection from TKB Trading . The collection includes seven color shifting micas with a transparent base that look absolutely stunning on the skin. I purchased the sample size, which contains six grams of product in these small zip lock bags. It might seem a small amount, but it isn’t at all. Before I get into the fun part, the swatches, it’s important you know that micas are not ready-to-wear eyeshadows or highlighters. They are very light and vola